Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I have taken lots of pictures since my last post...

204 pictures to be exact. Can you say obsessed??? It's only been like 10 days since I posted. And that doesn't include video clips. I probably have 10-15 of those, too. So here I am trying to play catch up. A few of the recent happenings include Caden's 2nd Birthday (our neighbor's little boy), cousin Camryn's blessing, saying good-bye to the Burrup's who moved to Arizona for PA school :(, trips to the park, and just more of the usual day-to-day stuff that I like snapping pictures of.
Riley and Caden Breckin at the park (our neighbor)

Cousins at the park
Riley loves her uncle Johnny Dana and Camryn Riley chilling in her seat on the way home from Utah
Sad to see them go...well...most of them. We won't miss Landon that much. haha just kidding! Have you ever seen such sweet smiles? They were laughing at Travis letting them pop bubble wrap. See video below!
Mmm, yummy toys!
Riley loves her new alphabet puzzle. She has started to learn to recognize letters. She knows B, J, K, O, S, and W. I think she probably knows more than that...but she has these ones DOWN.
Riley playing in the ball pit I LOVE this shirt!
Caden opening presents Daddy holding a very bored/tired Izzy She finally gave in to sleep :)

Happy Girl! Eating some chicken nuggets...MmmMmMmmm Mommy's big girl Girls will be girls. The date stamp is on my face....oops. Sweet Isabelle before church. And Riley before church also.

Here are some videos of the happenings as well...

Riley was dancing to the carousel music at the park....

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Gallant Family said...

I've never seen that carousel work before. I didn't even know it still did until I watched that video. How cute!