Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I feel like I haven't been posting much lately...but I have been so darn busy! In short, between being careful with Riley for a whole week for the collar bone and then this week with school, Trav's birthday, and Halloween party coming up...I just haven't had the time. I will give the long version in my next post to update!! But I just wanted to say that I haven't fallen off the face of the earth-----YET. I thought I might this week but I am starting to feel optimistic since it is now Wednesday night. So stay tuned...there is much posting to be done in the upcoming days. and Happy Halloween, everyone!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy Birthday, Babe!!!

Today is Trav's 27th birthday so I wanted to post for him. He's the best friend and husband. And I am so glad he's mine!!! He is a great dad and our girls just adore him. Riley has always been kind of a daddy's girl. She asks for him frequently when he is at work. She loves spending time with her dad. And Izzy sure thinks he is good for laughs, among other things. We all know he is good at comic relief...even though I don't always appreciate the humor. I am the one who needs to lighten up, really. Without Travis, life would be boring and I wouldn't have such good looking kids!!! He works hard for his family but not so hard that he doesn't have time for us! In short, he is the best of the best. And we love love love him with all our hearts!!! Here's to another great year! With love from the 3 ladies in his life :

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Ideas, anyone??

Ok, I need some help!! Trav's work is having a Halloween party on Friday night and EVERYONE has to dress up. I am pretty sure the last time I dressed up I was 14 years old....

I have NO CLUE what to be! It's not like I need anything elaborate, but just something that is a good idea. This is just not my forte. I would rather have the flu than have to dress up for Halloween. Blah. And I mean that. To make matters will be the FIRST TIME I am meeting the people Travis works with so I just don't want to look totally ridiculous. I know, I know...where's the fun in that? It IS Halloween, after all.

Anyway, any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Weekend Update

Well...for those of you who haven't heard: Riley had her first (and hopefully ONLY) visit to the Emergency Room this weekend. We made plans to visit Rexburg this weekend because Travis had alumni soccer games. For all our friends/family in the area: don't be mad if you didn't see was a rough weekend as you will see. Friday night's plans were a pizza party for the alumni soccer guys and their families. It was held in the Taylor building on BYU-Idaho's campus. Riley was having a grand time playing with all the little kids. She also thought it a blast to stand up on the chairs and walk from chair to chair. We had repeatedly asked her to get down and got her down off of them ourselves. Then...she took a spill off a chair and landed on her neck and head. It looked wicked, but I was glad to see the fall so I knew what happened. I was afraid she would have a concussion or that she could have hurt her neck...which was the most terrifying. She just kept crying and holding her neck saying, "It hurts." First thoughts: Kids fall, they get over it quick... But this was no ordinary fall and she wasn't getting over it. We calmly packed up our stuff and headed to the ER. When we got over to Madison Memorial Hospital, I got Riley out of the car and took her in while Travis parked the car with Izzy. There were people waiting to get taken back to see the doctor but they took Riley straight back...she WAS screaming her head off, after all. The doctor came in, took a quick look, and ordered some X-rays because he suspected she may have a broken collar bone. After waiting for what seemed like forever, the X-ray techs came in and we had to hold Riley down while screaming. Painful. And then after a much shorter wait...the doctor came back with the news: It was, in fact...a broken collar bone. :( Poor Riley!!! So you can bet our weekend was nowhere near as fun as we were hoping. Riley is doing well...considering. She is very sore and ornery...but who could blame her? She will be in pain for the first week or two. Thank goodness for Motrin, as it seems to make her feel better than Tylenol. She should be mostly healed within 4 we are just waiting and trying to be careful and patient! Never a dull moment though!!!!!!!!!!
I wish I had pictures of her at the hospital...but she was so miserable and I was terribly distracted. She broke the left if the medicine wears off and it is sore...she will walk around holding below her neck on the left protecting it.
It just looks like she is saying the Pledge of Allegiance or standing for the National Anthem :)

Here is the sling that the hospital gave us. She will leave it on but it is way too big for her really...they didn't have any smaller ones. So it isn't that big of a help, she still tries to use her left hand. She sees her pediatrician on Friday unless we have a need to go sooner. I hope not!!!

I'm not sure why she is sucking on her fingers in these pictures, she has never done it before. Although all weekend she cried for her "paci" thinking it would be a good comfort. Of course we didn't give in but it tugged at our heart strings to know she was in pain and all she wanted was her paci. I also have the X-rays of the break...but I don't think I can take a picture of them and have it turn out good enough to post. But thankfully the collar bone broke and the two ends are sitting together, touching so nothing needed reset or surgically repaired or what not so we are very happy for that :)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

More videos, anyone??

I so hate posting videos as they are time consuming to upload and process...but I know the grandmas and grandpas who all live far away *sniff, sniff* really like to see what these two rambunctious girls are up to!

First off, Isabelle is becoming a monkey....she will try to climb ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. And she is so committed...she rarely gives up. She will try and try and try. I walked into the girls room the other day to find her on Riley's bed and I didn't believe she had actually climbed up there I set her back on the floor and watched her show off her new skill. Around 55 seconds in to this video is a classic Izzy thing where she scrunches up her face and blinks her eyes. I LOVE IT.

Well...I guess I am only posting ONE video instead of 3 because my other two won't upload. I cut them down to under 100 MB and everything but it keeps telling me there is some sort of error :-( I really get mad with technology sometimes. I will try to add them later, maybe...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Funny girls.

The cute/funny/sweet moments never stop in this house...Riley's deer in the headlights look
Well that was fun! Isabelle loves to rip paper....and on this particular day...she figured a book would be fun. So she went to town ruining the book. Once all the pages were ripped out...then she started ripping individual pages up. Books ruined by Isabelle thus far: 2. And hopefully that is all. We are very careful with our books these days! So I cleaned up all this mess, thinking I had all the bits and pieces of paper...
...then she comes out of the room with this piece of paper stuck to her face. She was mad and frustrated at first...but I grabbed the camera and she smiled for me!
Hilarious. Kids are so good for a laugh.
Mom's eyeliner...look like a pen to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Even after using makeup remover and having a didn't all come off. She still had faint traces of eyeliner... Oh well.
I walked into the girls room the other day and Riley was almost completely under her bed with only her head sticking out. By the time I was able to grab the camera...she was climbing out.

Riley grabbed a pillow and put her blanket on it all by herself
How funny!
Izzy with a straw. So cute!
In another episode of hilarity...Riley was whining the other night in her sleep, wakes up, and in the process wakes Isabelle up...Isabelle is not happy...and now Riley is ready to settle back in to sleep. I bring Isabelle a bottle but before I get to her...Riley has had enough crying...she yells. "STOP IT, IZZY!!!!!!!!!!!!" I couldn't help but smile. Nothing like a little comic relief for having to be up in the middle of the night. Maybe it doesn't sound funny, but to me it was. :D

In other news...

I started massage school last night! It should be the beginning of a wonderful year. The feeling is a little overwhelming when I think of the commitment...but I just have to believe in myself! I feel really lucky to be living here where there is the best school for this area of study! The program sounds amazing. I came home with probably 15 books (or more) last night for all the classes I will be taking in the next year. Everything from anatomy & physiology to professional development to shiatsu to Russian sports massage to reflexology...and that's only naming a few! I also came home with my hydrotherapy kit and massage lotion to last me this entire year.I also feel blessed to have a husband who supports me and is proud of me for going after my dream. I know it is a sacrifice for my family to be without me at least 4 nights a week for almost 4 hours and while I've said I have had feelings of selfishness, I know it will be such a blessing for us. I now have something that is just me and that will give me my own time...and I know that is so important. Because without this, I know I would lose myself...and that is worse than not taking risks and living dreams. So sacrifice is worth it for this short space of time.

One additional item on this subject: We have uniforms we have to wear to school. And last night I brought home all my Utah College of Massage Therapy shirts and put one on. And Travis grabbed my camera and took a picture...he said I would have to blog about this. How thoughtful! I was surprised to say the least that he thought enough about that moment to know it was an important one in my life. Thanks, babe...and even though I don't care for pictures of it is!
And tonight at class...we are actually going to start massaging...we will have our first massage therapy basics class. We (my class) has been told we better get used to touching each other early or it will be a long year. Ha ha ha.

Monday, October 13, 2008

And I thought the last bunch of sleep pictures were good...

Yes, that's right...MORE new sleep pictures. I know you are excited...right???!

Ok, so I know I said Isabelle rarely falls asleep places other than her bed...but I was trying to keep her up last Wednesday because I had a dentist appointment and I wanted her to sleep while Dana watched the girls so Dana would have one less girl to watch...but she didn't make it. I walked in to the girls room just before one. (She usually goes down between 11 and 12 for a nap.) It looked like Izzy had just been sitting there, decided she needed a nap, and bent over, folded right in half. She was so tired she napped and then woke up just as Dana got here and I was leaving for the dentist. Oh well, I tried!!!
Poor kid. Of course I didn't let her stay on the floor, I moved her to her bed and she never even woke up. She was SOOO sleepy!
Riley napping with her big doggy from Grandma Barb
Even though Isabelle sleeps mostly in her bed...she DOES sleep in some WEIRD positions.
You can't really tell but this particular time, her one leg that you can see is pointed forward and her other is bent under her body and pointing back...does that make sense the way I explained it???
The head was bobbing...
...and then she rested it gently on the table. This was hilarious. Probably my favorite. Except the time she fell asleep on the steps (half her body on, half off) about 7 or 8 months ago...that was GREAT!!!!!!!!!! There is a picture of it somewhere in my past posts if you missed it or forgot about it!

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Okay, so these first two videos are Travis making Isabelle giggle. There is nothing cuter than her laugh! And almost nothing makes me happier than hearing my girls laugh!

Then next four videos are of Riley. They actually started out as two videos but I had to split both in to two because they were too long and would not upload. In two she is singing the alphabet. In the first one the A at the beginning is cut off since I didn't start recording on time. As you can tell, it needs a little work...but we feel pretty impressed. As soon as she sings the ABCs she wants to sing the Itsy, Bitsy Spider. This one needs more work than the alphabet. Then she sings Popcorn Popping but she calls it "I see" because the words are, "I looked out the window and what did I SEE?" ha ha. What a goof. The third video is very similar to the first. Except the "A" is actually on the beginning this time. E, F, and R get pronounced sort of funny. And she kind of skips over "M" because "L, M, N, O, P" goes too fast for her. Then I sing the other two songs for her so she can concentrate on the motions. Which still need some work as well. But it is so fun to see her learning! And after videoing these clips, she sang the alphabet the rest of the night, including in bed while trying to fall asleep. Actually, she woke up singing it this morning. It was quite funny because we thought she was still asleep and we heard her singing. So we quietly went over to her bed and she opened her eyes (all while singing her ABCs) She is such a hoot!!!

I've been tagged!

OK, so Bree tagged me and here are my answers:

8 TV shows I love to watch

1. The Office (NBC). If you don't love this show, you haven't watched it enough. I hated it at first...then I fell in love with it after Travis wouldn't stop watching it.
2. ER (NBC)...and it's the final season *sniff, sniff*
3. The Biggest Loser (NBC)- I just love it! It's such a feel-good, inspiring kind of show!
4. Say Yes to the Dress (TLC)- what girl doesn't enjoy seeing all sorts or gorgeous, expensive wedding gowns?
5. Jon and Kate Plus Eight (TLC)- I'm just addicted. The kids are cute and I can realize how lucky I am and how easy I have it. 2 kids....that's a breeze! Travis and I both enjoy Jon and Kate's relationship because sometimes we see ourselves in them. ha ha.
6. 17 Kids and Counting (TLC)- You know you have heard of them, the Duggar family. They are super cute and amazing...a little out there on a couple things, but I so look up to them!!!
7. So You Think You Can Dance (Fox)- I can't dance...but when I watch that show, I feel something. So I guess that's just my way of saying, I wish I could dance.
8. Ellen- She is such a sweet person who just gives and gives and is good for a laugh. She is the comedy relief when I need it!

8 Things that happened yesterday

1. I worked out! Yay for the ab lounge ultra and Tae Bo.
2. I vacuumed the house. (My life is so exciting, I know!!)
3. I paid some bills...(that is never-ending)
4. Thought about how school is starting for me on Tuesday!!
5. Blogged-stalked people, as usual. ;-)
6. Fed Isabelle her first chicken nugget...and banana...she liked both. (She has never liked the mushed baby food fruits. Only veggies...but give her the real thing, such as the banana, and she thinks it much better)
7. Watched the stock market...yeah...
8. Went to a Madison Dragons vs. BYU Alumni soccer game!!! Winter is here...we froze to our bones. My poor girls. They will learn that it's an essential part of soccer season.

8 Favorite places to eat

1. CRAIGO'S....oh how I miss you!!! Next weekend, baby!!!!!
2. Arby's- I can't help it, it's like my fast-food favorite. A guilty pleasure
3. Applebee's- Riley's favorite, too. She can spot one anytime we pass it.
4. Subway. Can't go wrong with a sub!
5. Texas RoadHouse...thank goodness we have one semi-close, still.
6. Olive Garden!!!!!!!!!!!! Enough said!!!
7. Pinecrest Country Club-in PA where I grew up and waitressed for 3 1/2 years. Club chicken=the best
8. Angelo's- also in PA, AND it's a pizza place, surprise,'s not their pizza that I love and miss...they have a great menu of other things, too!


8 Things I am looking forward to

1. School starting
2. Rexburg visit next weekend
3. Thanksgiving in Vegas
4. Isabelle walking. She is getting close!!! It's super cute
5. Getting Riley fully potty trained.
6. Omniture Christmas Party
7. Reaching my goal weight
8. Seeing most of my family at Thanksgiving :)

8 Things on my wishlist

1. I need a spa day, too, Bree....too bad you don't live in Utah! It's a fun kind of thing for girlfriends
2. Time alone with Travis (like a return to weekly date nights that we were having in Rexburg would be we need to find a good dependable sitter, I guess)
3. A house...
4. A coke...Mmmm...but I gave up's been 3 weeks. I do it at least once a year and make it 3-4 months. We will see how strong I am this time around.
5. The perfect job after I am done with school (hopefully something very part time that allows me to be with my family but still have my own thing for a little while each week)
6. A Halloween costume idea for Omniture's party in a couple weeks. Suggestions, anyone???
7. Good health for myself and my family (not that we are in bad health...I just hope to have continued health)
8. The desire/motivation to work-out instead of doing it just because I need to...

8 people I tag...sorry to all...I know how some of you feel about these things! ha ha

1. Darcy
2. Barb
3. Kim
4. Brad
5. Mom
6. Alyce
7. Adrienne
8. Randee

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Time for catch up...

This weekend is almost over already. Weekends go way too fast! And I find this is the perfect time to post, sitting at home all cozy with Isabelle napping. I have many pictures from the past week/s so I figure I had better post them before I get too far behind.

Riley with her shirt on her funny!
A couple weeks ago for family home evening we had a treasure hunt for Riley as our activity. She LOVED it!!! Above Travis is reading her a clue to the next clue...
And here they are coming in from the garage where she found another clue.
Isabelle finally has enough hair to do a little ponytail!!! Her first one!

Sweet mohawk! Haha, that's after having a ponytail in for awhile.

I'm just so happy she's got hair now!!

Riley was going on an outing with I packed diapers and snacks in her back pack. She loves to go out with Travis

It's so awesome to live close to John and Dana now because the girls will be great friends with their cousins!! Here are Riley and Hailee watching a movie on Hailee's bed.
Hailee giving me a great smile