Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Current pics of the girls

I can't believe it has been over 3 months since I last posted. Where is time going? I think I say that at the beginning of each post I write. Really, I WANT to get back on the blogging's just overwhelming to think of how much I haven't posted about!

The girls are getting big! Especially Lucy. Riley is still loving kindergarten. She is learning so much and it's very exciting. Izzy is starting to read a little bit. She isn't as motivated as Riley was. She is my laid-back kid. So I don't push her too much. We just sit down and sound out some really simple three letter words for now. She needs help with a few letter sounds still...but it is coming. She does get easily bored and disinterested. One thing she can do much better than Riley could starting out is blending the sounds together to say the word. Riley would say the letter sounds over and over and over...and I would have to help blend them for her to get the word. Izzy on the other hand hears each of the sounds once and voila! She knows the word. It's fun to see little minds at work.

I try to document the funny things the girls say. Sometimes as facebook statuses other times in these little notebooks I have started for each of them. It isn't enough. I know there is so much I don't record...but oh well!!

Lucy is 8 months now. She is crawling all over, sometimes even pulling to standing ....she can wave, say "mama" and "dada" and click her tongue. The is so fun! I can't get enough of her. I love the baby stages and milestones. I am still trying to soak it in...knowing babyhood will all too soon be over and toddlerhood, though fun, just doesn't compare.

The holidays were wonderful. The magic and excitement of Christmas with kids is the best. I loved that Christmas fell on a Sunday. We got up, went to church and then came home and had Christmas morning. That is how it should be every year.

Lame attempt at an update. But it's something, right? Hopefully more to come. NOT in three months, either!