Friday, March 26, 2010

Family Picture!

Our stake is having a temple fireside at the end of April and they are asking for pictures of every family at the temple. So our ward set up times for the families in our ward to go over and have someone take the picture. The sun was sort of in our faces...but I think for having two fidgety kids and too bright of sun this turned out pretty well.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Today's pictures

I have been doing less than great lately with picture taking. So we broke the camera out so the grandparents can see how big the girls are getting. There are VIDEOS at the bottom. I am always a little bit nervous to post them because I hate hearing myself on them. But I wish I took more videos of the girls. Because I know all too soon they won't be so little and I won't remember these days if I don't have some actual video along with the pictures...

I also recently have straightened Isabelle's hair a few times...hard to believe how long it is in the back!!

Look at this serious face!! LOVE it!

I also love her ONE, tiny dimple.

MMmmmmMM. slobbery kisses from Izzy. Her kisses are always pretty wet...
Making time for daddy :)

When I look at Riley...I can't believe how old she looks. SAD!!!

I know I ask Izzy what she is eating twice....but I like the way she says Macaroni and Cheese. I think our girls pronounce a lot of things pretty well/clear. And I am always amazed at what they sometimes come up with to say. For example, a couple months ago when I was getting Isabelle dressed, I put her pants on her and she said "Oh! You're a good helper, Mommy!" I really need to start writing these things down somewhere. Because my memory is TERRIBLE. (sorry if I told that story about me being a good helper in a previous post...I can't remember!)

Just putting it out there, I don't normally serve Mac n cheese for dinner (it's more of a lunch thing) but we were busy today and mom failed to prepare! Girls didn't seem to mind!

Also, I took another, longer clip of Riley that wouldn't is a little too big of a file. :P