Monday, June 30, 2008

I is for...

Island Park, Idaho...where we had the Anderson Family Reunion over the weekend. (That's why I haven't alphablogged for a few days). I is also for my sweet Isabelle. But I am going to blog about the reunion. It was such a blast to get together with family for 3 days for fun, food, games, and much more. We got to see family we haven't seen for awhile and I also met some family that I hadn't before. Yes, even after being married 3 1/2 years I still hadn't met all of the Anderson side of Trav's family. (There are still people on the Simon side that I haven't met either).
It is so fun to be a part of a big family. I guess it can be a little crazy, too, but it was fun. I took 150 pictures (no suprise there, right?) so here goes my attempt at posting a ton...
Ri and Daddy
Roger and Char's family. Missing: Josh's family, Emily, and Eric (who is on a mission)
Jacque, Tyler, Bryson, Kellen, and Griffin
Brooke, Jordan, Taylor, and Mia
Granny and Papa
The Anderson clan (those of us who were there) You can't see some people very well (for example, Barb standing behind Johnny)
John and Barb's family...without Skyler :( We miss Sky!!! But we are glad he is out on his mission.
John, Dana, Hailee, and Camryn
Grandma Barb with Isabelle
Shawn, Tiffany, Katelyn, and Kade
Isaac, Liz, McKynna, Kason, and Maddy
Richard, Crystal, Bailee, and Cole
Aunt Dot, Uncle Rich and their family minus CJ who is in Oregon on his mission.
Grandma Barb and Riley
Aunt Mary and Uncle Kurt's family. Minus Austin who is a on a mission in California.
Percy and Jozette with their four daughters: BriAna, Ashley, Lynze, and Jaidyn.
Aunt Marth and Uncle Jim with their four daughters and one son-in-law. Son Mitch was not able to make it.
Girls waiting for pictures to be over
Aunt Darcy tickling Riley
Brooke, Barb, and Hailee
Mike, Andrea, and Cole Hanson
Our family.The family minus Riley who wouldn't sit still any longer.
Busy Riley
Aunt Darcy playing Memory with Hailee and RileyCousin hugs
Brandon and Emily Hanson
Jacque and Tyler Mills
Girls with Daddy
Riley swinging with Aunt Darcy just before she skinned her knee
Grandpa John and Camryn
Hailee with Uncle Adam
Riley and Mommy
Isabelle hanging out in the stroller
Riley with Daddy in the pool.
Aunt Mary with Riley
Kenna holding Izzy
Riley the environmentalist out walking with Daddy

Among other events of the weekend, a few things that happened: Travis went golfing,Riley skinned her knee and was SO sad about it, Riley got to spend some time outside and loved it (as usual), we played some volleyball, listened to stories (Thanks for the entertainment, Josh), ate way too much food, got far too little sleep (that's what you get for staying in the bunk house with single peope!), and I got to take a lot of pictures! It was so great to get together and get away! We are sad we only get to do that every other year. 2010 won't come quick enough. We love you all, Anderson family!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

H is for...

Health, happiness, home, hope, and HOT!

I am always sooooo hot now that summer has set in. Our apartment that we are renting is not air conditioned. We do, however, have a window a/c unit that we are borrowing from one of Trav's soccer buddies. It is a lifesaver! (LITERALLY). It is still HOT, hot, HoT, but it makes it a little more bearable. I am not even kidding about this but if we didn't have that unit running hours and hours everyday...or didn't have it at all, I would probably have died of heat stroke by now.

Let's see, in other news...despite how warm our little HOME is, I have really enjoyed living here. It's not like my dream apartment or anything but it has lots of storage space (which we need!) and a nice big living room (also a must for our over-sized furniture and 47 inch TV). The things it lacks are more than one bathroom and a good sized laudry room...and it could use some work but it's really not so bad. I will miss it when we leave in August. We aren't sure at this point where we will move...or even if we will still be in Rexburg *sniff, sniff*
I don't expect to be moving away, but it is always a possibility. Travis will be interviewing for a job in Utah, that is why I say we may not be staying here. I don't know the likelihood of him getting the position, but we would be Happy and excited to start another journey if it does work out.

We leave for Island Park,ID/West Yellowstone, MT tomorrow for the Anderson Family reunion and I am busy busy getting ready for that. IT IS SO DIFFICULT TO PACK WHEN YOU HAVE CHILDREN! I have to take bottles, a portable high chair, stroller, enough clothes in case of accidents/messes, TWO travel cribs, formula, snacks, juice, diapers, wipes, MORE diapers, toys, sippy cups, bedding, our own towels, pillows, (the place we are staying doesn't providew that stuff) etc...I could go on and on. We bought a van right before Isabelle was born to give us the space we need...we thought we could grow into it, but truth be told, the four of us and all our STUFF fills it already.
Last night one of Trav's (our) cousins held a BBQ at their house because some of our other cousins got into town early. It was fun to meet some of them or see ones that we hadn't seen for a little while. It got me really excited to have everyone together! So I should go...lots to do before tomorrow. Sorry I'm not posting new pics! I will soon!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

G is for...

Games, gratitude, and the Gospel!

Our family loves games! Or maybe it's just me...but I am pretty sure Travis enjoys them, too. We play games often and own quite a few. One of our favorites is Ticket to Ride! We like too many to list, but there's one thing for the letter "G".`

Last night I mentioned faith in my "F" blog. So I want to expand on my faith. I think this is the perfect opportunity to share with my family (and friends) my testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that we have a Heavenly Father who loves and knows each of us personally. I am grateful for this knowledge as it is helpful in life and especially during times of trial. I know He knows who I am, and He knows the struggles I go through. I am grateful for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and to be a member of it. I know it is the true church and that we have a living prophet to guide us at this time. I have a testimony of the life of the prophet Joseph Smith and the work he did to restore this truth for our time, in these days. I am thankful for a good husband who has the priesthood. I have a testimony of the priesthood and the wonderful blessings that come as a result. I know our Savior atoned for not only my sins, but for all of us. As a parent I can only imagine how hard it must have been for our Father to watch His son bear all He did for us. I am eternally grateful for the atonement. I believe and know that I can be with my family forever...and that is so comforting to me. What an opportunity! Marriage is not just until death do us part, but for time and ALL ETERNITY. I feel a deep GRATITUDE for this knowledge; and for the fact that I don't just believe, but that I KNOW it is true.

For anyone who may come upon this blog, and want to learn more about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, you can go to

Monday, June 23, 2008

F is for...

Faith, family, friends, fun, and FOOD!!! Why is it that some letters are so much easier than others??? I struggled to come up with good "E" words yesterday. In fact, I almost forgot to blog until Trav's mom reminded me at 11 pm! (Thanks again, Barb!) Needless to say it was a weak post. Eternity is the best "E" word mentioned and I barely posted any pictures (compared to my usual). Then there's the letter F...I could list a bunch of things it seems. But I listed what is most important to me. And speaking of family: the Anderson side of Trav's family has their reunion this weekend! We are so excited to see everyone!!! John (Trav's dad) comes from a family of 6 kids. Each of the 6 kids have 5 kids except for one set of an aunt and uncle with only 4 (yes, I said ONLY as if that's not very many...I'm not LDS or anything am I??!) Anyways, of all those cousins (and siblings) of Trav's: 12 are married (I believe) and of those 12, 10 have kids, and 1 of them has a kid on the way. If you are trying to keep track...don't bother, I have lost count. haha. No, let me make this easier, I will count for you. If we count Granny, Papa, and their posterity we have a grand total of: 80 (give or take one or two). YES, that is only ONE side of Trav's family! YAY! I will try to get a picture while there! Although I believe 4 are on missions right now (I think!), and of course there may be a few people who are unable to show up but yeah. WHEW! We are a family who enjoys fun...and I can't speak for everyone but I am a food lover! So there are a couple more "F" words. And then there is friends! We have some really great friends! Here is a picture of Riley after enjoying one of our favorite foods: a cookie!!!

Can you say messy?

While I don't have a bunch of family pics, I have some good new SLEEP PICTURES! Which can be described in one word--FUNNY! Another "F" word and also a word I love to hear Riley say.

Check out her hair-- SUPER STATIC!

And here are family/friend pics: I hope that these girls are the best of friends! They are developing a friendship already!And lastly...MORE PICS OF THE GIRLS!

Girls are so fun!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

E is for...

Energy, and these girls are FULL of it! Despite what the below picture may indicate!

It is so sweet to see them together! Riley is becoming more fond of Isabelle by the day. Another "E" word that comes to mind: ELMO! He is a pretty popular thing around this place. And also: Eternity! YAY for my eternal companion and our beautiful girls (and the rest of our families)! We are the cutest family ever, i know! Sorry there is no picture...I have already posted any family pics we have already in previous blogs.