Wednesday, June 25, 2008

H is for...

Health, happiness, home, hope, and HOT!

I am always sooooo hot now that summer has set in. Our apartment that we are renting is not air conditioned. We do, however, have a window a/c unit that we are borrowing from one of Trav's soccer buddies. It is a lifesaver! (LITERALLY). It is still HOT, hot, HoT, but it makes it a little more bearable. I am not even kidding about this but if we didn't have that unit running hours and hours everyday...or didn't have it at all, I would probably have died of heat stroke by now.

Let's see, in other news...despite how warm our little HOME is, I have really enjoyed living here. It's not like my dream apartment or anything but it has lots of storage space (which we need!) and a nice big living room (also a must for our over-sized furniture and 47 inch TV). The things it lacks are more than one bathroom and a good sized laudry room...and it could use some work but it's really not so bad. I will miss it when we leave in August. We aren't sure at this point where we will move...or even if we will still be in Rexburg *sniff, sniff*
I don't expect to be moving away, but it is always a possibility. Travis will be interviewing for a job in Utah, that is why I say we may not be staying here. I don't know the likelihood of him getting the position, but we would be Happy and excited to start another journey if it does work out.

We leave for Island Park,ID/West Yellowstone, MT tomorrow for the Anderson Family reunion and I am busy busy getting ready for that. IT IS SO DIFFICULT TO PACK WHEN YOU HAVE CHILDREN! I have to take bottles, a portable high chair, stroller, enough clothes in case of accidents/messes, TWO travel cribs, formula, snacks, juice, diapers, wipes, MORE diapers, toys, sippy cups, bedding, our own towels, pillows, (the place we are staying doesn't providew that stuff) etc...I could go on and on. We bought a van right before Isabelle was born to give us the space we need...we thought we could grow into it, but truth be told, the four of us and all our STUFF fills it already.
Last night one of Trav's (our) cousins held a BBQ at their house because some of our other cousins got into town early. It was fun to meet some of them or see ones that we hadn't seen for a little while. It got me really excited to have everyone together! So I should go...lots to do before tomorrow. Sorry I'm not posting new pics! I will soon!

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