Thursday, June 19, 2008

B is for...

my Beautiful Babies, Blogging, and Brighton.
For those of you who don't know, Brighton is a company that makes accessories such as jewery, purses, wallets, shoes, sunglasses, belts, etc. and I LOVE their products. And I am lucky enough to own some. The most recent addition to my Brighton collection is a necklace my mom bought me while she was out here a few days ago. It is from their Picadilly set. And it is so lovely. It has three little hearts on it and those hearts contain the words: Embrace Life, Passion, and Gratitude. Then there is a smaller heart by the clasp that says "Love." Anyway...also while my mom was in town she bought us a new stroller...not that there was anything wrong with the stroller we already had but it wasn't a double. And now we have a double stroller! YAY! That makes my life so much easier now! I have already posted a couple pictures in my previous posts of the girls in it at the park...but here are pictures of when we first set it up.

Riley was super excited about the new stroller and kept saying stroller. She couldn't wait to get in and try it out. I think she is over the excitement now, however. Also, I was telling Travis about my alphablogging and told him today's letter was B. I started to list some ideas for the letter B and he blurted out, "Boobs." So apparently that is something that Trav loves/is grateful for. Thanks for the input, honey. haha. Oh...I have another B word I can blog about. Bison! Kind of random, I know but on Sunday we took my mom and sistetr to Yellowstone because they had never been before. We saw Old Faithful, walked around the Paint Pots, and saw some wildlife. The selection was not too impressive. We did see a couple elk and hundreds and hundreds of buffalo. So here are a few pics of our Yellowstone adventure.
My window was up for the above photo because this bison was RIGHT beside the van and I was scared! I admit it!

A paint pot
And here is a video of a paint pot hole
Riley seemed to have a good time! She loves animals, so it was a neat thing fo her, we just wish we had seen more! A bear would have been awesome. Maybe we will go to Yellowstone Bear World this's just SO expensive! We'll see!

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