Saturday, June 21, 2008

D is for...

Dance! As in So You Think You Can Dance?

It's my FAVORITE show of the summer!!! And Riley loves Dancing, too. So it's a pretty big thing around here.
And D is also for my DAY at the spa. Yes, I went to the spa today...for the first time in my life. I have had massages before but never had I had a professional pedicure, facial, or an "exfoliating body glow". YAY. It was wonderful! Travis and our neighbor Brad bought Steph (Brad's wife)and me spa packages. Steph's was for Mother's Day, mine was just because. Talk about a sweet husband! Actually, Travis bought a golf pass for the summer for himself so if we are keeping tabs he should actually owe me a second spa day. haha. So this afternoon I escaped from my kids for 4 hours of bliss...and peace and quiet. I had almost forgotten what that was like! It was awesome! My afternoon started with my body glow, then I got an hour long facial and then Steph and I got our pedicures side by side while sipping Mango fruit smoothies, sitting in massaging chairs. Yummy! (My toes nails are purple, in case anyone cares). It was well worth it. And I hardly thought about my kids at all. I haven't been away from them for more than maybe two or three hours at I am making progress. WOW I am sad, huh? Don't they cut the cord at birth???Anyway, thanks to my D-ashing husband who is so d-arn sweet! I really needed that...and I was so d-eserving, right?? (not modest at all, tho! ;-) ) And let me just say, not only were the kids alive and well (I don't even think they noticed I was gone :-( ) Travis had also vacuumed the house. How sweet! I don't have pictures to post, I am too busy. Time to get these kids in bed, it is past bedtime!

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