Monday, June 30, 2008

I is for...

Island Park, Idaho...where we had the Anderson Family Reunion over the weekend. (That's why I haven't alphablogged for a few days). I is also for my sweet Isabelle. But I am going to blog about the reunion. It was such a blast to get together with family for 3 days for fun, food, games, and much more. We got to see family we haven't seen for awhile and I also met some family that I hadn't before. Yes, even after being married 3 1/2 years I still hadn't met all of the Anderson side of Trav's family. (There are still people on the Simon side that I haven't met either).
It is so fun to be a part of a big family. I guess it can be a little crazy, too, but it was fun. I took 150 pictures (no suprise there, right?) so here goes my attempt at posting a ton...
Ri and Daddy
Roger and Char's family. Missing: Josh's family, Emily, and Eric (who is on a mission)
Jacque, Tyler, Bryson, Kellen, and Griffin
Brooke, Jordan, Taylor, and Mia
Granny and Papa
The Anderson clan (those of us who were there) You can't see some people very well (for example, Barb standing behind Johnny)
John and Barb's family...without Skyler :( We miss Sky!!! But we are glad he is out on his mission.
John, Dana, Hailee, and Camryn
Grandma Barb with Isabelle
Shawn, Tiffany, Katelyn, and Kade
Isaac, Liz, McKynna, Kason, and Maddy
Richard, Crystal, Bailee, and Cole
Aunt Dot, Uncle Rich and their family minus CJ who is in Oregon on his mission.
Grandma Barb and Riley
Aunt Mary and Uncle Kurt's family. Minus Austin who is a on a mission in California.
Percy and Jozette with their four daughters: BriAna, Ashley, Lynze, and Jaidyn.
Aunt Marth and Uncle Jim with their four daughters and one son-in-law. Son Mitch was not able to make it.
Girls waiting for pictures to be over
Aunt Darcy tickling Riley
Brooke, Barb, and Hailee
Mike, Andrea, and Cole Hanson
Our family.The family minus Riley who wouldn't sit still any longer.
Busy Riley
Aunt Darcy playing Memory with Hailee and RileyCousin hugs
Brandon and Emily Hanson
Jacque and Tyler Mills
Girls with Daddy
Riley swinging with Aunt Darcy just before she skinned her knee
Grandpa John and Camryn
Hailee with Uncle Adam
Riley and Mommy
Isabelle hanging out in the stroller
Riley with Daddy in the pool.
Aunt Mary with Riley
Kenna holding Izzy
Riley the environmentalist out walking with Daddy

Among other events of the weekend, a few things that happened: Travis went golfing,Riley skinned her knee and was SO sad about it, Riley got to spend some time outside and loved it (as usual), we played some volleyball, listened to stories (Thanks for the entertainment, Josh), ate way too much food, got far too little sleep (that's what you get for staying in the bunk house with single peope!), and I got to take a lot of pictures! It was so great to get together and get away! We are sad we only get to do that every other year. 2010 won't come quick enough. We love you all, Anderson family!


Dot and Rich said...

Jenna--awesome blog--love it. It was so much fun to spend time with you. You are a busy little Mommy! So proud of you and Travis. Love ya--Dot

Mike and Andrea Hanson said...

Jenna - Cute Blog! Your girls are so cute. It was fun to see you this week-end! I just started a blog: - Thanks again for the baby oragel, Cole seems to be a happier baby at home;) Thanks:)

Our Fun Little Fam! said...

Thanks for the gigantic Anderson fam pic. Your blog is really cute. I love all of the reunion pics. You were much better with the camera than we were!

Brandon & Emily said...

You got some cute pictures of everyone! It was a fun weekend. It was good to see you guys too. Your girls are getting so big and are cuter then ever!