Friday, June 13, 2008

PIZZA! (Like mother, like daughter)

Riley is definitely her mother's daughter in some ways. One of those things is her love of pizza. She asks for it AT LEAST once a day. Some days more. She is lucky to get it about twice a week because I like to make pizzas at home from scratch for lunch. However, our favorite pizza place is Craigo's and last weekend we went there for dinner.


amanda*celeste said...

ah ha ha...craigo's that is the greatest name for a pizza place! :) maybe i'm slighlty biased.

riley is definetly your daughter. i remember eating those chef boyardee pizza's with you all the time. crazy. okay, maybe not all the time, but i remember.

Maria said...

Hmmm decided to be good at Craigo's huh...I recall having to take the little monster out the car to watch a movie last time I was there.

Brandon & Emily said...

Jenna she might have gotten her love for pizza from you, but she definitely got the messy cheeks from Travis!! LOL. I've seen him eat. JK. Fun pics and fun times, we're excited for the family reunion. Its getting close!! We'll see you there.