Friday, June 20, 2008

C is for...

Candy! Creativity, Children (mostly my own), and of course, Craigo's!!!
Okay so I am not all that creative myself but I sure appreiciate creativity and creations of all types. Candy, self explanitory...I am a snacker and junk food junkie. Riley asks for candy frequently, I regret to admit. It comes out "canny" but it is oh-so-cute! Oh! Cute! There's another "C" word that is a regular in my vocabulary! And lastly, my love of CRAIGO'S!!! I know that doesn't suprise anyone considering how many times I mention pizza and the resaurant itself. I just love it. If I could pick 3 meals to eat the rest of my life pizza (especially Craigo's) would be there. As for the other two: Hawaiian Haystacks...and hm, any meal with french fries. Maybe steak and fries. Yum. I don't really know...but the first two I am sure about though. Well...that's all for today...except for a video Clip of Isabelle giggling at my sister, Alyce.

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amanda*celeste said...

okay so it's totally C-razy (see how I did that there) how much Alyce sounds like you!! so weird!!