Monday, July 19, 2010

Girls Night

Recently I have realized that as hard as it is, it is VITAL to find time to spend on myself. Meaning I need an escape from the mommy responsibilities. And as mothers, many of us don't give ourselves that time away from our children to enjoy some quiet time or pampering or whatever. Sometimes it's nice just to get to the grocery store alone. And others, it's nice to have date nights with the hubby. And then there is this thing called girls night. I heart girls nights :)

I haven't had a lot of girls nights in the last several years...but there have been a few and now I am pretty much hooked and hope to have a girls night more often.

In May my friend Angela invited me to a girls night where we went to see the new Robin Hood movie and then her sister did free chemical peel facials. Awesome.

Then my little sister-in-law to be Rachel told me her sister did glitter toes and I knew I had to host a girls night!

So Friday night a bunch of friends came over and snacked and talked and got their toes did! And let me just say, our feet all look SO cute! AND I can't wait to do it again! In the meantime, who wants to host another girls night soon?! ;)
Brooke and Dana getting their toes glittered!

Feet belong to: Dani, Christy, Brooke, Camille, Angela, Dana, and me

And in this shot: Carrie, Sonja, Rachel, Jenna, Dani, Me, and Christy
Dani removing her nail polish before getting her glitter toes. Notice my paraffin wax bath on the floor. Almost everyone dipped their feet in hot wax for some extra pampering :)
Angela with her feet under the UV light, Camille with lots of glitter!
Dani and Rachel
Brooke with her wax-dipped feet and Dana
My toes. I picked a silvery-green...or a greenish silver. And as much as I love it, next time I know to do something really bright!!

It's great to have good friends to hang out with! Seriously I am so grateful!


So the title of this post is because in elementary school a music group came and did some sort of concert and they needed a girl from the audience named Katie so they could sing to her. All these years I have remembered this song but can't seem to find it...although I found what I believe are the lyrics online. Just a random thought....

Now for the post!

My brother and his wife and their baby were down for a few days last week since Brad came down to work in the Lehi office. I feel lucky that we live close enough to get to see them somewhat regularly. As previously stated in another post, the girls adore Katie and I love playing with her too. She is such a doll. Pictures make her look chubbier than she is. Her cheeks really are quite chubby but the rest of her is pretty average as far as babies go. She isn't stick thin but ths isn't super chunky...yet :)
She seriously is smiling more than any newborn I have ever seen. She is only 5 weeks old but smiles ALL THE TIME.

Look at that pouty face!

Videos for grandmas :)

Coeur d'Alene 2010

Since Adobe gives employees a full week off during the 4th of July, we decided to head up to see Trav's family. This post will be loaded with photos. And it's only some of what I took...
It was a long drive. Loooong. We left Friday night and spent the night at Uncle Percy and Aunt Jozette's in Shelley. Then Saturday we drove to Caldwell area and spend a night out at Granny and Papa's. Then on the 4th we went to the Wallace Branch for church because John had to be out there on assignment. Sort of bummed we didn't get to go to John and Barb's home ward.

Travis listening to one of the Harry Potter books.
Sunday night we did some little fireworks at John and Barb's house. Here is Adam showing Jack a sparkler. Fascinated much? so cute!

The girls with Grandma Barb. Watching some fireworks
While up there I went with Travis, Darcy, and Randee to see Eclipse (even though I went to the midnight release, too).
And Tuesday we went to the Valley and took the girls to Chuck E. Cheese. It was seriously a blast. And after that we went to River Front Park where the girls got to play on a massive Radio Flyer wagon slide (I wish I had my camera on me for it!). They loved it and just went down and up and down again several times. Then we walked over and they rode the carousel there and grandma bought us ice cream. What a fun day!
Wednesday afternoon we went out on the boat. Here is Uncle Adam water skiing
And Travis water skiing

I put the girls in the water with Travis. Izzy was SO scared. It was freezing. She was climbing up Travis to get out of the water.
Riley didn't like it either, but she smiled for a couple pics before jumping back on the boat.

A view from Hayden Lake
Wednesday evening the girls got to ride horses!! John and Barb have some great property by their house and so someone keeps their horses there. The girls were so into the horses and the owner offered to let them ride! They had never done this before, but it was a hit!

They even got to help feed the horses!

On our last full day in town we went to Silverwood which is an amusement park. There are rides and an awesome water park. We spent the morning doing rides then the afternoon at the water park. The girls LOVED it.

We sat the kids in the wrong spots on this kiddie roller coaster. They should have been on the outside...oops. So you can't really see Izzy but she LOVED it!
Riley went on the log ride with Grandpa and Grandma
And Izzy rode with daddy and Aunt Randee
Travis and Randee on the panic plunge. They did it twice....crazy people!

It was seriously one of the most fun trips we have had up there! And I am sort of thinking it might be a good time for us to go up every year. Especially because we may not keep alternating our Christmas up there. It is so hard to travel such a long way in the snow and to have to bring up all the stuff that goes along with Christmas.

The girls loved the trip and so did we because we got to spend so much time with Trav's parents and his sisters along with Darcy's family. We had beautiful weather all week and the kids weren't ready to leave Grandma Barb's!

Mom visited in June

On June 11th my brother Brad and his wife Kim welcomed their first child, a baby girl (of course)! So mom flew out at the end of the month to spend a few days in Utah with us then we took her to Idaho to spend a couple days with Katie the new grandbaby :) Izzy napping on Grandma Debbie

Girls getting picked up at Kindermusik. Grandma wanted a picture. She is way better at remembering to take pictures than me!

Girls on the way to Rexburg. Izzy fell asleep with her sunglasses on as you can see above

Brad, Kim, and Katie

Katie with Uncle Travis and cousin Izzy
Group pic. All of my parents grandkids in one picture. Three girls :)

Girls just love Katie. Maybe as much as I do :) Seriously just love her so much! And NO, it doesn't make me baby hungry.

Izzy exhausted at Uncle Brad's apartment