Monday, July 19, 2010

Girls Night

Recently I have realized that as hard as it is, it is VITAL to find time to spend on myself. Meaning I need an escape from the mommy responsibilities. And as mothers, many of us don't give ourselves that time away from our children to enjoy some quiet time or pampering or whatever. Sometimes it's nice just to get to the grocery store alone. And others, it's nice to have date nights with the hubby. And then there is this thing called girls night. I heart girls nights :)

I haven't had a lot of girls nights in the last several years...but there have been a few and now I am pretty much hooked and hope to have a girls night more often.

In May my friend Angela invited me to a girls night where we went to see the new Robin Hood movie and then her sister did free chemical peel facials. Awesome.

Then my little sister-in-law to be Rachel told me her sister did glitter toes and I knew I had to host a girls night!

So Friday night a bunch of friends came over and snacked and talked and got their toes did! And let me just say, our feet all look SO cute! AND I can't wait to do it again! In the meantime, who wants to host another girls night soon?! ;)
Brooke and Dana getting their toes glittered!

Feet belong to: Dani, Christy, Brooke, Camille, Angela, Dana, and me

And in this shot: Carrie, Sonja, Rachel, Jenna, Dani, Me, and Christy
Dani removing her nail polish before getting her glitter toes. Notice my paraffin wax bath on the floor. Almost everyone dipped their feet in hot wax for some extra pampering :)
Angela with her feet under the UV light, Camille with lots of glitter!
Dani and Rachel
Brooke with her wax-dipped feet and Dana
My toes. I picked a silvery-green...or a greenish silver. And as much as I love it, next time I know to do something really bright!!

It's great to have good friends to hang out with! Seriously I am so grateful!


Latissa and Scott Graham said...

Looks really fun Jenna! I would love to come sometime, if you want me to be there :) I love girls nights!

dodasso said...

So...what is the procedure for glitter toes and how long do they last?

Angela said...

Whaoo!! It was a fun night! I'll host next time, no prob. Just make sure we still got the hook-ups and I'm down to host. It was so fun and yummy! Thanks!

Damaris said...

can I crash your next girls night out? I need a mani and pedi and a break so bad.

Brooke said...

Thanks for the fun! We need to plan more of these!

Andre Winkfield said...

I was in feet hevean when i seen these pictures, love me some pretty toes...i wish i was there, it would have been fun for me!!!