Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Our cute little family has NEVER. EVER. had professional photos taken. It pains me, really...all the time. I love, LoVe, lOvE, LOVE to look at pictures that have been taken professionally. But then I get green with envy. I can't help it, I am not perfect and I know I should work on the whole being envious thing. It's not cheap to have pictures taken. And I sort of am. Cheap. I mean, not terribly, but we have a house and two little kids, and life is expensive, you know?! But OH! To have our cute family captured in priceless (expensive!) photos??? YES PLEASE. SOMEDAY. That's what I keep telling myself.


So you see the button on the upper right corner? It's for this amazing cause that is trying to eliminate child trafficking and exploitation in the US and Canada. And my old roommate and sweet friend sponsored a giveaway for an upcoming event/benefit concert taking place here in Utah. She had tons of fabulous prizes lined up and I entered to win. Anything. Because who doesn't love a giveaway?! (I know I do!) It never hurts to try anyway. Especially when it is for such a great cause.

Anyway...turns out I won something. Not just any something. I won my family a one hour session with a photographer!!!! And I am like....what will we wear?! How should I do the kids hair? my hair? so...I am asking for some opinions....

Lately, Travis has been really wanting to chop Riley's hair. The thought pains me. Because her hair is SPECTACULAR. Seriously, I envy it (how sad is that, envying my own child. Still working on it, I swear). She is 4 (next week) and has only ever had one haircut. Back in February we had 3 inches chopped off to clean up the ends. I just measured her hair, it is 17 inches. She is about 40ish inches tall(I think) its almost half of her! It falls just above her bum near her waist in the back. And here is why he wants it cut...when she sits on the potty and her hair is down, it basically hangs to her bum and almost in the toilet. Nasty. He is right. So do I just trim it up 4-5 inches and keep long hair or do I do something more drastic? Do we add layers? Bangs? (Travis says no, the simpler the better. He's opinionated, people!) And should I wait until after our family pics have been taken?! Or what?!!
It's a little longer than this. These pictures were taken about a month ago and I can tell by looking at her it's already grown since then.

And Izzy's hair has that natural curl....but I use my straightener on it because it makes it what do I do with her? Leave it natural or straighten and then style? In the pics below, you can see its straightened. You just never know if her curls in the back will have a good curl day or a not-so-good curl day.....

As for what to wear, I want it to be casual I think. Because I am SO NOT girly in the way that I hate to dress up. I have always been about casual comfort. Sundays are a struggle for me. The only time I really liked to get all "pretty" was for my wedding day. That was sort of fun. Sort of. :) Ok, maybe there have been a few times. But overall, GAG ME when it comes to dresses, skirts, heels, etc...

I can't pull it off as nicely as some ladies. I envy girls who love it and look fabulous. I don't even know how to work on the envy here. Some girls are just way cuter/more beautiful/made to be dressed up!

Then I think how sweet the girls look dressed up. But I am not dressing up. Do we all wear jeans and solid colored shirts? Or do I dress the kiddos up?

PS....should I dye my hair brown? Because I LOVED it when it was dark. But I also chopped it off when I went dark. The cut I didn't love, but now that its getting longish like I want, I want long dark hair. The problem: EVERYONE and their dog thinks I need to stay blond? WHAT'S the DEAL, PEOPLE?! I mean, people who I think it's weird they even have an opinion are saying stay blond and it's not enough to tell me that, I need reasons. Or I'm going back to being brunette. Because I want Darcy's hair. And while mine will never look that amazing and thick, I will take long and dark :)

Me, with shorter darkish hair. But I want even darker than that!
Current hair. Me with my friend Megan. I want her color :)

Darcy...even though it's not a fabulous hair pic. Cute family huh? And speaking of Darcy, Hair-py Birthday, Darc. I want your hair. (You already knew that, though!) And I love your hair. And you. And your cute little boy (Jack)....although Adam's not bad either. ;)
Another of my current hair and the girls' current hair....