Friday, January 28, 2011

Bun in the Oven

So by now, I am sure everyone who reads this blog (you know, all 5 of you...) knows we are expecting our 3rd baby in May. I didn't wait to post this long on purpose, I meant to post about it a couple months ago after announcing it but as anyone can tell, I have been a major posting slacker (again!)

In my attempt to catch up on our lives here is a post about Anderson baby #3 and how it all came about.

By fall of 2009 Travis was pretty much baby hungry. Not overly, but I knew he had a stronger desire for a baby that I did. That was the FARTHEST thing from my mind. I had zero desire and so I told him maybe in the summer of 2010 we could start to try.

Well next thing I know, it's spring and summer is around the corner and I was like no, not this year. I was still not ready and felt we should put off trying until summer 2011. And I was happy with that. Summer came and almost went...and I felt really good about my decision to wait another year. And then BAM! The end of August something changed. No, I didn't feel some intense need to have another baby...but I told Trav we could try this one cycle and if it didn't happen, we would wait until summer 2011. Fast forward a few weeks and the next thing I know...

BAM. That's a positive test. Just to be sure I took a different brand test on the same day and sure enough:

It was apparently "meant to be."

I wasn't surprised, but I didn't know it would happen in one try!
SO...First weekend in October the morning sickness hits with a vengeance. And it was THE WORST EVER. I was SO sick. Sicker than the first two times and it was no fun. I know I shouldn't complain. I do take it to be a good sign, being sick. We had our first ultrasound November 10th and sure enough, there was a baby in there. (Not that I doubted it, seeing just makes it more real!)

October through most of December were pretty miserable months. I'm sure it played a part in my lack of posting and also the complete lack of housework around here. Thankfully I have been feeling much better. No more puking! Still exhausted and achy and uncomfortable, but also manageable (Whew!) Seriously, this month has felt like a tender mercy! Except for the hormonal basket case that is Jenna lately. My hormones are SO out-of-whack and uncontrollable when I am pregnant! Poor Travis!

Anyway, Travis felt like it was another girl. I was "sure" it would be a boy. Turns out it IS another GIRL. So much for motherly instinct. lol.

We couldn't be more thrilled though. Here are some pictures from the 20-week ultrasound. She is on track and all looks well. That is the biggest, most important thing to us!

Cute profile (18 weeks)
Profile at 20 weeks. Her face was right up against the placenta.
There's nothing to see between those legs!

These two are 3-D ultrasounds. And because her face was half resting on the placenta, it was hard to get good pics, but you get the idea, no? Above: her face sort of peeking through...
I know this is scary. She is just a thin little skeleton. But you can totally see her skull! This second half of the pregnancy is when she will fill out and put on some fat. :)

She has been really squirmy which is sort of fun but not always. It is so reassuring to feel all her kicks, punches, and turns though! The movements are becoming stronger and more controlled and the girls are able to feel her now, I think. It's hard to tell, but they are very willing to sit and TRY to feel her kicks. The other night she even kicked enough for me to see my stomach move. That's when it gets really cool, because I think the girls will LOVE to watch my belly move.

And although I HATE pics of myself, (I have very few photos of me from the first two pregnancies) I know I need to try to get a few from this one too...just for memories sake. Here I am, 23 weeks! Definitely past halfway! And since both girls were early...I am hoping this one will be a couple weeks ahead of schedule too!

As for names, we have a few ideas. As in, I know what I like, Trav knows what he likes...but as a couple, we don't really agree. People keep asking but I promise we haven't even discussed it lately. Suggestions are welcome! I know there must be a name out there we both love!

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Better late than never, I suppose!

I actually took ZERO photos of Christmas. Maybe that's why I have been putting off blogging lately, my crazy photo taking days seem to have passed. I used to take pics of anything and everything we did...not so much lately.

Oh well, even without the pics to prove it, our Christmas this year was fabulous. We stay home and spent the day with our little family plus Maria.

The girls got SPOILED. I swear every year we won't go all out. And then I'm eating my words. It's just so easy to do. It helps that they had piles of gifts that weren't just from us, but also from their grandmas and grandpas.

Their big gift is a new bunk bed which has been awesome to have! The girls love it and they also love sharing a room (for the most part). They each got new movies, lots of new clothes, and some fun toys!
Travis spoiled me as usual too. I seriously hopes he quits it one of these days! My big gift is an amazing new blender that is AWESOME. and he has benefited from having it quite nicely. (He had his wisdom teeth removed two days after Christmas...milkshakes and smoothies were a must!)
I also got $70 worth of iTunes gift cards! Some from Travis, one from Maria, and one from my awesome girl friend Angela! (I had a wish list of songs I wanted...and you would think that amount would cover it, but even after getting new music, there is still more I want! ha ha)
Barb got me some new clothes. I love them all!

Travis got new clothes, a soccer bag, a board game and some other miscellaneous things too.

It was really fun being home and doing our own thing. (We did the same thing two years ago, but this was the first time in our house.) We miss all our family we don't get to see very often but there is also a time when it's good to start your own traditions! We hope maybe next year we might get some family to join us for the holiday. Anyone is more than welcome! And if you join us, there is always sure to be lots of goodies...I go way overboard on the Christmas cookies and candy!

Little Miss Izzy turned THREE in December

Yep. I am not sure where the time has gone...

One day you are giving birth to this:

(Picture taken December 11, 2007 the morning after Isabelle Jane was born)

and the next thing you know, it's three years later... Her birthday was very low key. We didn't have a party or anything, we just had her open some gifts at home, ate some dinner at Texas Roadhouse, and then had cake with Aunt Maria.

Izzy also got a present from her friends Owen and Luke, too! (An adorable fairy book with stickers to dress up the fairies and decorate the scenes around was a HIT!)

She opened presents first thing in the morning. She got a new winter coat that is a bright pink color, some Dr. Seuss books, money from Grandma Debbie (for new clothes), a princess puppet from Grandma Barb and Grandpa John, and a singing princess Rapunzel doll from Aunt Maria.

That week in preschool she also got to be the "Star of the Week" meaning we provided snacks that week and I went into the preschool class to show pictures of Izzy and talk about her. She also got to be the line leader all week. She thought being star of the week was pretty cool!

Some things about Izzy at three years old:

She weighs 33 pounds, her favorite movie is "Despicable Me", her favorite foods are "chickens" (nuggets), as well as candy and snacks. She has such a sweet tooth! She still acts like the baby and anyone would tell you she totally gets away with it where I am concerned. I can't help it! She IS still the baby! She loves, Loves, LOVES her big sister and wants to play with her or terrorize her constantly. She totally knows how to get under Riley's skin. It's so funny. Poor Riley! She finally became fully potty trained not long before her was a loonnnggggg time in the making. But she does really, really well and hasn't had any accidents in several weeks and the accidents she has had have been very few. She is becoming more and more independent but still is a HUGE cuddle-bug. Anyone and everyone who knows her comments on it. She is a lot like her dad...the faces she makes, her expressions, the things she's all so Travis. She is solid and I bet she will be a good little athlete someday. Hopefully she likes soccer :) Guess time will tell!

She is a ball of spunk (and sugar and spice and everything know...) She has brought us so much joy and I'm sure she will continue to do so!