Thursday, January 27, 2011


Better late than never, I suppose!

I actually took ZERO photos of Christmas. Maybe that's why I have been putting off blogging lately, my crazy photo taking days seem to have passed. I used to take pics of anything and everything we did...not so much lately.

Oh well, even without the pics to prove it, our Christmas this year was fabulous. We stay home and spent the day with our little family plus Maria.

The girls got SPOILED. I swear every year we won't go all out. And then I'm eating my words. It's just so easy to do. It helps that they had piles of gifts that weren't just from us, but also from their grandmas and grandpas.

Their big gift is a new bunk bed which has been awesome to have! The girls love it and they also love sharing a room (for the most part). They each got new movies, lots of new clothes, and some fun toys!
Travis spoiled me as usual too. I seriously hopes he quits it one of these days! My big gift is an amazing new blender that is AWESOME. and he has benefited from having it quite nicely. (He had his wisdom teeth removed two days after Christmas...milkshakes and smoothies were a must!)
I also got $70 worth of iTunes gift cards! Some from Travis, one from Maria, and one from my awesome girl friend Angela! (I had a wish list of songs I wanted...and you would think that amount would cover it, but even after getting new music, there is still more I want! ha ha)
Barb got me some new clothes. I love them all!

Travis got new clothes, a soccer bag, a board game and some other miscellaneous things too.

It was really fun being home and doing our own thing. (We did the same thing two years ago, but this was the first time in our house.) We miss all our family we don't get to see very often but there is also a time when it's good to start your own traditions! We hope maybe next year we might get some family to join us for the holiday. Anyone is more than welcome! And if you join us, there is always sure to be lots of goodies...I go way overboard on the Christmas cookies and candy!

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