Monday, June 23, 2008

F is for...

Faith, family, friends, fun, and FOOD!!! Why is it that some letters are so much easier than others??? I struggled to come up with good "E" words yesterday. In fact, I almost forgot to blog until Trav's mom reminded me at 11 pm! (Thanks again, Barb!) Needless to say it was a weak post. Eternity is the best "E" word mentioned and I barely posted any pictures (compared to my usual). Then there's the letter F...I could list a bunch of things it seems. But I listed what is most important to me. And speaking of family: the Anderson side of Trav's family has their reunion this weekend! We are so excited to see everyone!!! John (Trav's dad) comes from a family of 6 kids. Each of the 6 kids have 5 kids except for one set of an aunt and uncle with only 4 (yes, I said ONLY as if that's not very many...I'm not LDS or anything am I??!) Anyways, of all those cousins (and siblings) of Trav's: 12 are married (I believe) and of those 12, 10 have kids, and 1 of them has a kid on the way. If you are trying to keep track...don't bother, I have lost count. haha. No, let me make this easier, I will count for you. If we count Granny, Papa, and their posterity we have a grand total of: 80 (give or take one or two). YES, that is only ONE side of Trav's family! YAY! I will try to get a picture while there! Although I believe 4 are on missions right now (I think!), and of course there may be a few people who are unable to show up but yeah. WHEW! We are a family who enjoys fun...and I can't speak for everyone but I am a food lover! So there are a couple more "F" words. And then there is friends! We have some really great friends! Here is a picture of Riley after enjoying one of our favorite foods: a cookie!!!

Can you say messy?

While I don't have a bunch of family pics, I have some good new SLEEP PICTURES! Which can be described in one word--FUNNY! Another "F" word and also a word I love to hear Riley say.

Check out her hair-- SUPER STATIC!

And here are family/friend pics: I hope that these girls are the best of friends! They are developing a friendship already!And lastly...MORE PICS OF THE GIRLS!

Girls are so fun!!!!!!!!!!!

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