Thursday, June 5, 2008


Isabelle started rolling over from back to front yesterday. And has since done it 20+ times. Anytime I lay her on the floor it is only a matter of moments, maybe seconds...and she is on her belly. Also, I forgot to post that we have been able to spot a tooth in her mouth. It is her bottom left center tooth. It was first spotted on May 28th....just a teeny, tiny little white spec...but it's a tooth! It hasn't come through any more than that spec, but it's there! Also a funny little story about Riley: about a week ago she found a dead spider....picked it up, gave it to Travis and said, "Look, Daddy, a spider." EWWWWW... talk about NOT being her mother's daughter. My skin crawls thinking about it. Kids. I will post new pictures again soon as Riley is becoming so fond of Isabelle (not that she wasn't before, but she is paying more attention). The other morning the very first thing she said was "Izzy?" and when I pointed down the hall towards our living room she went straight to her baby sister and sat beside her. I have been capturing as many pictures as possible of these moments, so check back soon!

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Gallant Family said...

Crazy how much they grow in such a short time. I am with you on the spider thing (I got chills reading it). I am excited to see the new stuff.