Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Summer fun

Can I just say I LOVE Porter Park? Well I do! My friend Jodi told me that they serve FREE lunches to kids every weekday. I guess it's some kind of grant from the school district or something, but kids 0-18 can get a free lunch 5 days a week. So we thought we would try it out and it was great. And there wasn't only free lunch... We rode the carousel and then played in the splash/water part of the park which we had never done defore. I think I found our new favorite summer activity! Riley on the carousel...excuse my lack of make-up, I had a badly sun burnt face.

Our neighbor, Steph and her boys, Caden and Breckin.
Oh my gosh, she is so beautiful I can barely stand it!
Her onesie says, "50% mommy 50% daddy" (Obviously)! SO CUTE!
Before I snapped this picture Riley had fed Caden 2-3 of her potato chips; it was adorable...but then she quit feeding him and let him feed himself.

At least she knows how to share! That's one of those little proud mommy (or parent) moments when you see good qualitites your child is learning and putting into practice.

It took Riley a little while to warm up to the whole splashing in the water thing, but once she had....there was no keeping her away from it! SHE LOVES IT!

This face is PRICELESS! When Izzy looks, Riley doesn't...
...or togehter they both look at (the same) something (or someone) other than me...
...or Riley looks and Izzy doesn't! FORGET IT! It's too hard to try to get and keep both of their attention at the same time...oh well...I give up. (For today).

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Gallant Family said...

This weather has been awesome. I wish we had such a cool park down here. Maybe we'll have to take a trip up there. Is that water fountain place in Porter Park? They definitely did not have that there when we lived up there 4 yrs. ago.