Wednesday, October 15, 2008

In other news...

I started massage school last night! It should be the beginning of a wonderful year. The feeling is a little overwhelming when I think of the commitment...but I just have to believe in myself! I feel really lucky to be living here where there is the best school for this area of study! The program sounds amazing. I came home with probably 15 books (or more) last night for all the classes I will be taking in the next year. Everything from anatomy & physiology to professional development to shiatsu to Russian sports massage to reflexology...and that's only naming a few! I also came home with my hydrotherapy kit and massage lotion to last me this entire year.I also feel blessed to have a husband who supports me and is proud of me for going after my dream. I know it is a sacrifice for my family to be without me at least 4 nights a week for almost 4 hours and while I've said I have had feelings of selfishness, I know it will be such a blessing for us. I now have something that is just me and that will give me my own time...and I know that is so important. Because without this, I know I would lose myself...and that is worse than not taking risks and living dreams. So sacrifice is worth it for this short space of time.

One additional item on this subject: We have uniforms we have to wear to school. And last night I brought home all my Utah College of Massage Therapy shirts and put one on. And Travis grabbed my camera and took a picture...he said I would have to blog about this. How thoughtful! I was surprised to say the least that he thought enough about that moment to know it was an important one in my life. Thanks, babe...and even though I don't care for pictures of it is!
And tonight at class...we are actually going to start massaging...we will have our first massage therapy basics class. We (my class) has been told we better get used to touching each other early or it will be a long year. Ha ha ha.


sheena said...

I just have to say... good job girl! I totally know what you're going through as far as feeling guilty about leaving & sacrificing family for a year. I'm going to cosmetology school in January and I feel like a horrible mother for leaving my little girl 4 days a week. Luckily, I have my mom, sis & mother in-law & hubby to watch her while I'm gone. I know it'll be a huge sacrifice for a year, but will be worth it in the end. Espeically since it's something I can do with kids for the rest of my life.

Good for you and going back to school! I think it's good for us mom's to do what we love to do for a bit.

Keep me posted on how things go.

heather and ronnie said...

all i have to say is your family is too cute...miss ya girl.

Mike and Andrea said...

Jenna, I think it is wonderful that you are going after your dream! Congrats and good luck with your schooling!

terry said...

I have a blog geared towards prospective massage therapy students and I wanted you to know that I have linked to your post about beginning massage school. I think that those considering this type of training will find your experience interesting.

By the way, if you have any interest in writing about your experience, I'd love to publish your observations as you progress toward achieving your dream. You can email me through the site.

Take care and good luck.


terry said...

BTW, the site is Massage Schools Guide at


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