Sunday, October 5, 2008

Time for catch up...

This weekend is almost over already. Weekends go way too fast! And I find this is the perfect time to post, sitting at home all cozy with Isabelle napping. I have many pictures from the past week/s so I figure I had better post them before I get too far behind.

Riley with her shirt on her funny!
A couple weeks ago for family home evening we had a treasure hunt for Riley as our activity. She LOVED it!!! Above Travis is reading her a clue to the next clue...
And here they are coming in from the garage where she found another clue.
Isabelle finally has enough hair to do a little ponytail!!! Her first one!

Sweet mohawk! Haha, that's after having a ponytail in for awhile.

I'm just so happy she's got hair now!!

Riley was going on an outing with I packed diapers and snacks in her back pack. She loves to go out with Travis

It's so awesome to live close to John and Dana now because the girls will be great friends with their cousins!! Here are Riley and Hailee watching a movie on Hailee's bed.
Hailee giving me a great smile


Dot said...

These are cute pictures. Thanks for sharing--it helps us keep up with your kids!

Darcy and Adam said...

Yaay my cute nieces! So fun that you guys live so close. I'm jealous!