Thursday, October 16, 2008

More videos, anyone??

I so hate posting videos as they are time consuming to upload and process...but I know the grandmas and grandpas who all live far away *sniff, sniff* really like to see what these two rambunctious girls are up to!

First off, Isabelle is becoming a monkey....she will try to climb ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. And she is so committed...she rarely gives up. She will try and try and try. I walked into the girls room the other day to find her on Riley's bed and I didn't believe she had actually climbed up there I set her back on the floor and watched her show off her new skill. Around 55 seconds in to this video is a classic Izzy thing where she scrunches up her face and blinks her eyes. I LOVE IT.

Well...I guess I am only posting ONE video instead of 3 because my other two won't upload. I cut them down to under 100 MB and everything but it keeps telling me there is some sort of error :-( I really get mad with technology sometimes. I will try to add them later, maybe...


The Burrups said...

that is so cute!go izzy! Bri loves to climb on things too! she climbs on our eliptical and gets stuck and also loves climbing up the rock wall at the playground. that one kinda scares me though!i wish that we lived closer so that our kids could play. they would have so much fun now that bri and izzy are older. and i think carter would love to see riley!too bad you arn't going to be in utah for thanksgiving now that your brother is getting married. we are happy for him but sad for us!

aunt ria said...

give me 100 dollars and i'll come see you next weekend. lol. i am being serious though.