Saturday, October 11, 2008


Okay, so these first two videos are Travis making Isabelle giggle. There is nothing cuter than her laugh! And almost nothing makes me happier than hearing my girls laugh!

Then next four videos are of Riley. They actually started out as two videos but I had to split both in to two because they were too long and would not upload. In two she is singing the alphabet. In the first one the A at the beginning is cut off since I didn't start recording on time. As you can tell, it needs a little work...but we feel pretty impressed. As soon as she sings the ABCs she wants to sing the Itsy, Bitsy Spider. This one needs more work than the alphabet. Then she sings Popcorn Popping but she calls it "I see" because the words are, "I looked out the window and what did I SEE?" ha ha. What a goof. The third video is very similar to the first. Except the "A" is actually on the beginning this time. E, F, and R get pronounced sort of funny. And she kind of skips over "M" because "L, M, N, O, P" goes too fast for her. Then I sing the other two songs for her so she can concentrate on the motions. Which still need some work as well. But it is so fun to see her learning! And after videoing these clips, she sang the alphabet the rest of the night, including in bed while trying to fall asleep. Actually, she woke up singing it this morning. It was quite funny because we thought she was still asleep and we heard her singing. So we quietly went over to her bed and she opened her eyes (all while singing her ABCs) She is such a hoot!!!

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