Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Funny girls.

The cute/funny/sweet moments never stop in this house...Riley's deer in the headlights look
Well that was fun! Isabelle loves to rip paper....and on this particular day...she figured a book would be fun. So she went to town ruining the book. Once all the pages were ripped out...then she started ripping individual pages up. Books ruined by Isabelle thus far: 2. And hopefully that is all. We are very careful with our books these days! So I cleaned up all this mess, thinking I had all the bits and pieces of paper...
...then she comes out of the room with this piece of paper stuck to her face. She was mad and frustrated at first...but I grabbed the camera and she smiled for me!
Hilarious. Kids are so good for a laugh.
Mom's eyeliner...look like a pen to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Even after using makeup remover and having a didn't all come off. She still had faint traces of eyeliner... Oh well.
I walked into the girls room the other day and Riley was almost completely under her bed with only her head sticking out. By the time I was able to grab the camera...she was climbing out.

Riley grabbed a pillow and put her blanket on it all by herself
How funny!
Izzy with a straw. So cute!
In another episode of hilarity...Riley was whining the other night in her sleep, wakes up, and in the process wakes Isabelle up...Isabelle is not happy...and now Riley is ready to settle back in to sleep. I bring Isabelle a bottle but before I get to her...Riley has had enough crying...she yells. "STOP IT, IZZY!!!!!!!!!!!!" I couldn't help but smile. Nothing like a little comic relief for having to be up in the middle of the night. Maybe it doesn't sound funny, but to me it was. :D

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