Saturday, October 11, 2008

I've been tagged!

OK, so Bree tagged me and here are my answers:

8 TV shows I love to watch

1. The Office (NBC). If you don't love this show, you haven't watched it enough. I hated it at first...then I fell in love with it after Travis wouldn't stop watching it.
2. ER (NBC)...and it's the final season *sniff, sniff*
3. The Biggest Loser (NBC)- I just love it! It's such a feel-good, inspiring kind of show!
4. Say Yes to the Dress (TLC)- what girl doesn't enjoy seeing all sorts or gorgeous, expensive wedding gowns?
5. Jon and Kate Plus Eight (TLC)- I'm just addicted. The kids are cute and I can realize how lucky I am and how easy I have it. 2 kids....that's a breeze! Travis and I both enjoy Jon and Kate's relationship because sometimes we see ourselves in them. ha ha.
6. 17 Kids and Counting (TLC)- You know you have heard of them, the Duggar family. They are super cute and amazing...a little out there on a couple things, but I so look up to them!!!
7. So You Think You Can Dance (Fox)- I can't dance...but when I watch that show, I feel something. So I guess that's just my way of saying, I wish I could dance.
8. Ellen- She is such a sweet person who just gives and gives and is good for a laugh. She is the comedy relief when I need it!

8 Things that happened yesterday

1. I worked out! Yay for the ab lounge ultra and Tae Bo.
2. I vacuumed the house. (My life is so exciting, I know!!)
3. I paid some bills...(that is never-ending)
4. Thought about how school is starting for me on Tuesday!!
5. Blogged-stalked people, as usual. ;-)
6. Fed Isabelle her first chicken nugget...and banana...she liked both. (She has never liked the mushed baby food fruits. Only veggies...but give her the real thing, such as the banana, and she thinks it much better)
7. Watched the stock market...yeah...
8. Went to a Madison Dragons vs. BYU Alumni soccer game!!! Winter is here...we froze to our bones. My poor girls. They will learn that it's an essential part of soccer season.

8 Favorite places to eat

1. CRAIGO'S....oh how I miss you!!! Next weekend, baby!!!!!
2. Arby's- I can't help it, it's like my fast-food favorite. A guilty pleasure
3. Applebee's- Riley's favorite, too. She can spot one anytime we pass it.
4. Subway. Can't go wrong with a sub!
5. Texas RoadHouse...thank goodness we have one semi-close, still.
6. Olive Garden!!!!!!!!!!!! Enough said!!!
7. Pinecrest Country Club-in PA where I grew up and waitressed for 3 1/2 years. Club chicken=the best
8. Angelo's- also in PA, AND it's a pizza place, surprise,'s not their pizza that I love and miss...they have a great menu of other things, too!


8 Things I am looking forward to

1. School starting
2. Rexburg visit next weekend
3. Thanksgiving in Vegas
4. Isabelle walking. She is getting close!!! It's super cute
5. Getting Riley fully potty trained.
6. Omniture Christmas Party
7. Reaching my goal weight
8. Seeing most of my family at Thanksgiving :)

8 Things on my wishlist

1. I need a spa day, too, Bree....too bad you don't live in Utah! It's a fun kind of thing for girlfriends
2. Time alone with Travis (like a return to weekly date nights that we were having in Rexburg would be we need to find a good dependable sitter, I guess)
3. A house...
4. A coke...Mmmm...but I gave up's been 3 weeks. I do it at least once a year and make it 3-4 months. We will see how strong I am this time around.
5. The perfect job after I am done with school (hopefully something very part time that allows me to be with my family but still have my own thing for a little while each week)
6. A Halloween costume idea for Omniture's party in a couple weeks. Suggestions, anyone???
7. Good health for myself and my family (not that we are in bad health...I just hope to have continued health)
8. The desire/motivation to work-out instead of doing it just because I need to...

8 people I tag...sorry to all...I know how some of you feel about these things! ha ha

1. Darcy
2. Barb
3. Kim
4. Brad
5. Mom
6. Alyce
7. Adrienne
8. Randee

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