Thursday, October 2, 2008


I don't think these need any type of intro...I've posted many before and here are a bunch more! Ok...these first few are hilarious! Riley crawled up onto her pillow and fell asleep all curled up.
All that space! We could fit 6 Rileys in this bed!
I covered her up finally. Most of her blankets were in the wash this day....
One of Riley's new things is picking all the toppings off her pizza and leaving the crust unless we cut it up for her.

Isabelle likes to sleep with her butt in the air. Although we put her down on her back, she never stays that way these days...
Side view. Yep, she still sleeps in a pack and play since Riley uses the crib converted into a toddler bed. We need to get Riley a twin sized mattress or something and let Isabelle have the crib...we will see what happens in the next couple months. But that is sort of my hope/what I would like to do.
Looks like she was sitting up and just bent in half and fell asleep. Can you say UNCOMFORTABLE?!?!
Don't ask how these things happen. I put her in her bed everyday for nap/quiet time...and she just gets out and sleeps however, wherever.
Isabelle likes darkness...and the girls have a HUGE window in their room that lets in too much light, even with the blinds down.

This totally shocks me that she can fall asleep in the high chair. I don't understand it. It has to be so uncomfortable...but she does it...over and over and over.
So then I moved her to the couch on this particular day....
Isabelle rarely falls asleep if she isn't in bed or her car seat...but apparently this morning had been too much for her because she decided nap time sounded better than snack time. Although she did finish most of her snack...just not her juice.

I LOVE these pictures! It was a Sunday morning and Riley woke up way too early, so Travis got up with her to watch cartoons.
Travis making a goofy smile because I told him to look happy.

This was VERY dangerous. She wasn't buckled or anything. It wasn't even lunch time or anything either. She climbed up there to play and fell asleep. Thankfully I was watching her otherwise she would have fallen out with in a minute or so.
Once again, transferred her to the couch and this look uncomfortable too....
??? Whatever works, I guess.
What a mess! Isabelle is so cute and just plays right around Riley if she falls asleep.
And that afternoon we had to be leaving soon so I dressed Riley while she was asleep...
She stayed asleep but I couldn't button her jeans.
Isabelle sticking close to sleeping Riley again.

I'm not sure how this happened...if the chair tipped before she went to sleep or if she fell asleep and then the chair fell over...who knows. But I thought it was pretty funny.


Brooke said...

I've seen the sleep pictures before and I am always amazed. It is extremely rare to have my kids fall asleep doing anything.

The Burrups said...

that is so funny! my kids never fall asleep in weird places or positions. that cracks me up! cute pics jenna!