Saturday, May 24, 2008

Today was a big day

...because Isabelle got her ears pierced! Yes, I am one of those mean moms! Riley had hers done at 6 months...and Izzy is almost there. So we were at the mall, with no prior talk or intent of doing it today...but then I got the idea. It went pretty well. Of course an audience gathered to watch and the looks people gave me were awful. Almost like they are thinking, "What an awful mom," "That poor little baby," "Why are you doing that to your child?" OH WELL! She cried after the first ear...Riley didn't when she got hers done. So I had to take a minute to calm her. Then she cried some more after the next. But a bottle does wonders. It's like shots...but at least the outcome is pretty. And now my little girl LOOKS like a little girl.!!! YAY, mission accomplished. Enjoy the new kids are so dang cute!


Izzy and Riley have matching earrings!

In other news...we have been watching Travis play outdoor soccer again. YEA!!!

Oops, the flash woke her up....but she went right back to sleep!
Nap time!
This squirrel got into our garbage...and decided to eat an old breadstick. MmmmMMMM.
Riley has a new best friend. Our awesome neighbors have two little boys and here is their oldest, Caden. He is a couple months older than Riley and they are so cute together. They ask for each other all day long.
Smile, Caden!
Aw...sweet, sleepy girl.
HI!!!!!!!!!!! She kept saying, "cheese" and "funny" It is too cute when she says "funny" I love it!
When I showed her the above couple pics of herself, Riley called herself "Hailee"....she must have thought she looked like her cousin!
My sweet little girl being a snot. Yep...real fun!
I loved her little pigtails all curly!

Toooooooo precious. Being nice for the camera! lately. FINALLY.


Debbie O. said...

HI hon! Yes I am actually leaving a post just to let you know I come here almost everyday and you do such a good job with current photos and whats going on. Can't wait to see you in June. Hi Riley!
Hi Isabelle! Love you all. Mom

Gallant Family said...

I love the curly pigtails--super cute. And Izzy's ears are beautiful. We couldn't get ours pierced until we turned 12 :( and now I only wear them for special occasions. Now, if this wet weather would just go away for a while...

mariiiiiia said...

give debbie o heck for buying her and alyce plane tickets out but not me...

amanda*celeste said...

So I just have to tell you that coming from the point of you of the person who actually has been the person piercing the are so smart!!

I don't even know how to tell you how much I dreaded piercing 4 year olds ears or 6 years old...or even worse the girls who's parents made them wait their whole life and they are 16 and are freaking out more then some of the 3 year olds.

I have not decided yet what we will do with our little girls, if we ever get any, but I do know that I am a big fan of getting it done when they are babies, and you were smart to wait until at least 5months old. I know a lot of people say your making a huge decision for your child about their body, but what little girl doesn't want to get their ears pierced at some point?

So I am saying..more power to ya sister! And she look adorable! :)

Okay, super long comment...but there ya go!

amanda*celeste said...

haha...not point of you..."point of view" okay...just had to make that correction.

Brandon & Emily said...

Cute kids!!!!! Man I can't believe how big Riley is getting, Izzy too!!! She looks so cute with her pierced ears.