Monday, May 19, 2008

Something we have all been waiting for...

NEW RILEY SLEEP PICTURES!! Yes, that's right...below you will see them! It is so exciting, right?!

Izzy still loves sticking her tongue out!

Naked baby! It's just too warm for clothes!
She fell asleep in the car and stayed totally out!

Not sure how she managed this one.

She was watching a movie...but it must have been boring...

I couldn't help but get a pic after removing the blanket from her face.

Below are pictures we took when we went to Porter Park the other fay with the girls. It is so nice to have a park we can walk to. Riley is in heaven being outside. Her favorite thing to do is collect sticks, rocks, and pinecones. She couldn't care less about the playground toys.

Swinging with daddy... That lasted about 10 seconds!
Izzy just chillin' in the luxury stroller.
This is the best picture we could manage of me with Riley. Blah. She is still too busy to take a second for a picture with mom.

She found a dandelion. She had to pick it.
Helping Isabelle with her bottle. So sweet! many pictures are you gonna take? Honestly?? As you can see I get a little snap happy. I will click the button anywhere from 5 to 15 times when trying to catch a sweet moment. And I still don't think the pictures do real life justice!
I love that Izzy just idolizes Riley. She never takes her eyes off of her if Riley is in her sight. Riley was watching "Finding Nemo" in this position and I thought it was too cute.
Cheese (only Cheddar) is one of Riley's new favorite snacks.

Shy girl.

Trying to get her smiles so Uncle Brad could get a picture on his phone.


Adrienne said...

[Riley is in heaven being outside. Her favorite thing to do is collect sticks, rocks, and pinecones.]

And pretty soon she'll be catching snakes, toads, frogs, and anything that swims, too. Definitely an Odasso kid ;)

Gallant Family said...

LOL!!! Keep the pictures coming. I love them all.

Anonymous said...

We keep seeing bottles in the crib, etc. when Riley is falling asleep. Hope it's only water only in them. Everything else is bad, bad, bad for her teeth.
Love, Dad
Oh, yeh, the "love of nature (sticks, etc, etc) is indeed so very much like Adrienne was when that age; the rest of you to a lesser extent.

amanda*celeste said...

how funny!! i just love riley's sleeping pics! at least you know she's always comfortable!! what a riot.

hope all is well! :)

Brandon & Emily said...

Hey guys!!
Your kids are getting too big, but are dang cute!! Hope you guys are enjoying things back up in Rexburg.

Aunt ria said...

riley is....toooo cute. and izzy looks as big as her?? lol