Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day?

I was looking really forward to Mother's Day...but then I realized it's just another day, same as the rest filled with poopy diapers and cranky kids. Oh well! (They really aren't too cranky!) I can't complain...I have pretty good girls and a good life! But here is a little taste of what I had to deal with. Both girls had poopy diapers at church...poopy diapers that LEAKED onto their clothes. So yeah (and YUCK). I was thrilled. Really. I did, however, get awesome presents from my wonderful man. Travis took Riley with him to Idaho Falls Friday night. I got three gifts, one from Travis, and one from each of the girls. Gift #1 was a Willow Tree figure that I have been wanting. Here is a picture of it:

I collect these things. Gift number two was an SD memory card for a camera...not just any camera....A NEW CAMERA! Okay, I am so spoiled. Our other digital camera is fine. It's better than fine. It is awesome. But it is huge and bulky and it was very it is hard for me to just toss it in the diaper bag and tote it everywhere. First of all it's too big and second of all I don't want it to get broken or banged around. I just wanted a cheap, basic camera; one that was small enough not to take up a bunch of space in my bag and one that I don't have to be super worried about breaking. And so I got one (well Travis got me one)! It's a little nicer than what I had in mind...but it's a new camera small enough for the diaper bag so I can have it with me always for those moments when we aren't home but my girls are being cute or something else exciting happens. Here is a picture:
YAY! IT'S PINK! And you know what else is nice about this camera??? It takes videos WITH sound...unlike our other one. And our video camera isn't digital (it records onto these little useless tapes) so this is very exciting. I tried posting a video and it never would upload...even after 2 hours of saying it was uploading...ugh. Must have been too big of a file but it was only a minute and a half long. Maybe I will try again later.
I guess as far as days go, any day with presents and celebrating me is a good day! (I hope that doesn't sound too selfish!) Happy Mother's Days to all you Moms! You are making a difference in this can be hard work but it is good work that you are doing. Exhausting but oh-so-rewarding, stinky at times but wonderful... I wouldn't have it anyother way; I love being a mom and I am so thankful for my kids...and my husband, too!

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Gallant Family said...

I love the pinkness!!! I have a small/compact camera, and it too works fine, but I want the big expensive one!