Tuesday, May 13, 2008

New pictures

Not much is new. Here are some new pictures though. I guess there is one thing to report: Riley is starting to speak sentences now! One of her favorite phrases is to say "Look! A...(whatever she happens to see)." It is so cute. For example: Sunday afternoon we were getting out of the van after church and we have a couple dandelions in the yard. Travis was holding her and she said, "Daddy, Look! A flower!" It is so sweet! I LOVE IT!

Isabelle sleeping with her arms above her head...like her daddy sleeps.

Izzy's newest thing is falling asleep in her walker...maybe she will be like Riley, falling asleep in weird places and positions.
Yes, she is asleep in the one below, too. Poor little girl. One can only take so much of this toy before you get bored, I guess.
Can't you just tell how much she loves having her picture taken? Lately Riley seems to think she is a baby...so her newest things are climbing into Izzy's toys and playing with them.

She gets in and out all by herself...she is a climber; such a monkey!!!

Here are a few more pictures of Riley from the wedding. I can't help but share them even though I have already posted a million others. Isn't she a doll??

Grandpa's little princess!


amanda*celeste said...

haha. so i don't think i realized how often i write that they are cute. must be true!! :)

Gallant Family said...

Pete sleeps with his arms above his head too--I think it must be a guy thing (except Izzy, of course). I am excited to see more and more pictures of your cute family.