Saturday, May 3, 2008

YAY! Back to the blogging world!

Wow…where do I even begin? I have some catching up to do. I never intended to take that long of a blogging break but life keeps me busy. We are settled into our place in Rexburg now and it feels like home. The week of moving was a little crazy but that kind of thing always is. Riley adjusted quite well. I thought it would be harder on her; but I find no matter where we are, if we are all there together she seems content. Tax season is OVER! And Travis is around more which is nice! Not to mention he no longer has an hour worth of commuting each day. He did however go buy a golf pass for the season. :P Riley had a rough week or so after moving because she had new teeth coming in. She had a fever for a couple days and wasn’t sleeping through the night. That was really hard to deal with. She seems much better now, however. In fact, while teething she hardly ate a thing and now she is eating everything in sight. I can't seem to keep her full. Isabelle is getting so big! She has completely outgrown her colicky stage (I think) and is quite pleasant unless she needs changed or fed. She will occasionally get really fussy even if she is dry and fed and I find if I lay her in her bed she puts herself right to sleep without a single whimper. I think sometimes she is just over stimulated and likes to get away to peace and quiet. Our house can be hectic with a busy toddler. Some of Isabelle’s favorite things are laying on the floor and eating her toes, babbling more and more, getting attention from anyone who will give it, being held and bounced around, smiling with her tongue out, and watching Riley play. She has rolled over only twice from front to back as she hates being put on her stomach. Riley was way ahead of her when it comes to this skill. Izzy will come close to rolling but just hasn’t gotten the hang of it yet. She loves to chew on her hands still but has finally started to take a pacifier. While I am not the biggest fan, it’s easier to take a pacifier away than fingers when that time comes! The day after we moved in, our neighbor’s below us brought us a plate of rice krispy treats and invited us to dinner that Sunday. It was so sweet and it was nice to get to know them. They have two little boys that are 13 months apart and just slightly older than our girls. They asked us if we wanted to have date nights each week and we could swap babysitting for each other. So finally after months and months of not dating…Travis and I had a date this past Saturday! I think it will be a nice way for me to get away from the kids but it was weird. I am so used to them being with me all the time. So yeah, our neighbors are really awesome and we appreciate their friendliness and look forward to getting to know them better. Being back in Rexburg has allowed us to get to see some old friends a little more but most of them will be leaving the area in the next couple months. They are moving on to further schooling elsewhere and while it is sad to see them go it is exciting for them. I have about 3 weeks worth of pictures to put up so I have attached what I could below. This weekend we are In Coeur d’Alene for Darcy’s wedding and we are so excited to be with family, go to the temple we were sealed in, and to meet our new niece/cousin Camryn! Anyway, we will post lots of beautiful pictures of the festivities very soon! And once we get home…Riley will be getting rid of her “paci” hopefully. Wish us luck!
Riley chilling in the big bean bag.
Riley was so into Uncle Brad's iPod. She thought it was awesome.
Nice hair.

Cute flowers

Bright eyed girl.

Yummy feet! Trying to eat Daddy's face.
Riley sleeping!

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Gallant Family said...

I'm glad to see you back and hear that things are going well for you in Rexburg. I think that Riley TOTALLY looks like you. Super cute, of course. That picture of her hair straight up in the air is awesome. I am always waiting for new sleeping pictures of her. It totally reminds me of myself--I can fall asleep anywhere and in any position. I'm excited to see you guys, even if it's on the internet :)