Monday, May 5, 2008

Wedding Festivities

Ok...So here are A TON of pictures from the weekend. They are not in any type of order whatsoever but enjoy! Family's so hard to get the kids to cooperate.
Grandpa Simon with his newest great-granddaughter, Camryn.
Grandpa Simon with Hailee and Camryn
The happy couple.
Hailee was cooperating but not Riley, of course

Precious girl.
Johnny and Cam

Darcy and her Bridesmaids: Alex, Randee, Jenna, and Liz
The family with the bride and groom
Grandpa John and Hailee...SO PRECIOUS.
Barb, John and all the kids/grandkids except for Skyler...who is on his mission in the Philippines. We all miss you, Sky!

Riley and her daddy!
Riley and mommy
I LOVE this picture of Riley. So sweet.
Darcy and Adam in front of the Spokane Temple
Darcy and the Groomsmen Aw! John dancing with his daughter. We didn't do the dances at our wedding :(
Me and my handsome husband!
Izzy with her grandma Barb
Johnny and Dana's family
Sweet kisses!

Riley crashed after we took off her dress...we were still at the temple.
You could tell Riley felt like a princess in this dress, it was so gorgeous.

Travis and I never even got a first dance as husband and wife!

Izzy and grandma Barb
I snapped this picture at the exact right second!
Hailee smiling for the photogs.
Izzy crashed in her seat before we left the temple. My girls were so sleepy!
Abbey, Hailee, and Sadie

Granny and Papa
John and Barb...3 kids down, 2 to go!
Dan and Val
Grandpa Simon, Val, and Hailee
Jessica, Randee, and Dana


Gallant Family said...

There were some really great photos! It looks like you guys had a good time. What a cute family.

Anonymous said...

I just stumbled across this website while trying to find tips on getting my kids to cooperate in my sister-in-laws wedding. I noticed that the (adorable) little baby in the pictures has one eye that reflects red and one that relects white. That should be checked out. It can be a problem. Sorry, I don't mean to alarm the parents. Good Luck!