Monday, September 22, 2008

Y is for...

YAY! I am almost DONE alphablogging! I am basically thrilled! When I started out on this project the idea was to post 26 days in a row, for each letter of the alphabet...and now, 96 days after beginning...I am finally nearing the end! I feel relieved. I think the idea was a good just wasn't carried out the way I hoped. Although...I haven't ONLY posted alphabet posts since then...I have posted a few other things. So 36 posts in 96 days is like posting once every 3rd day. Not too shabby compared to some of you out there...ha ha. I admit I am a blog stalker so I love people who post frequently! I mean, c'mon. I am a stay at home mom...aside from playing with and caring for the girls and watching Ellen everyday...this is one way I love to spend some of my time.

I guess while I am on "Y" I had better give at least one other "Y" thing. The way Riley says Yellow. Although she doesn't pronounce the "Y". It comes out "lellow" and it is quite adorable anyway.

I recently got a request for "Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!! PLEASE?!" And so I am about to try to get some posted...I have many that need to we will see how much time I've got! Enjoy, Darcy ;-) And everyone else, too :-) Look at our baby! 9.5 months old and standing! I guess that means walking is just around the corner :-( Sooooo big.
Eating some YUMMY jell-o while showing off her standing skills.

Mmmm. Popsicle! aka "Sicle" in Riley's vocab
Bestest friends.
Cereal boxes from Sam's Club are a little bigger than the usually grocery store sized ones!

Travis built the base for this tower but Riley stacked all the single blocks on top of each other. We were shocked she was able to make it so high and the fact that it stood so well and wasn't wobbly!

Showing off her big girl training pants. She has only worn them a couple times because she still isn't quite ready to get rid of diapers and be potty trained. She is we'll try again in a few weeks.
Aunt Val brought Chelsea's dog over and the girls just LOVED her!!!

I LOVE this picture. Too bad Izzy's head is in the way at the bottom.

Action shot...cousins playing.
Isabelle crawled under her walker and got stuck. Photo-op!
Izzy sporting her Pittsburgh Steelers pj's. Unfortunately they lost to the Eagles yesterday (Stupid!)

Okay, here's a pic of the haircut. It's not super different...its just a lot shorter.
Travis came in from running out for milk the other night with flowers for his wife! He is pretty good about getting me my favorite flowers (Gerber daisies) every once and awhile. So pretty!
Another shot of the haircut. I should have taken a side or back view...that is where most of the length came off. I think I would have liked a more dramatic A-line though. Oh well.
Izzy loves the Love sac.
It was a miracle...but I got Riley to sit fairly still to try some french braids. I think it was pretty cute but I could have done MUCH better...I did it really quick just to see how it would look and to see if she would cooperate.
Side view.
It stayed in pretty well for the whole day.


The Burrups said...

tHE PICS OF THE GIRLS ARE SOOOOO CUTE! I WISH BRI HAD HAIR THAT I COULD BRAID!i love your hair cut too! it is super cute! Bri is standing also and took her first four steps a few days ago. she will be one in a month! crazy huh?

Aunt Ria said...

ohhhhhh my heavens.....cutest pics EVER!

Darcy and Adam said...

YAAY thanks for the pictures! I'm actually anxious to get my alpha-blog done... I'm kinda bored with trying to come up with things just for the letters... but I won't quit. Promise. I'll just hurry :)