Wednesday, September 10, 2008

V is for...

valuables, vampires, and Valentine's.

I was haVing so much trouble coming up with "V" things. I belieVe this has been the most difficult letter for me yet. So I got out my dictionary for a little help (I'm a cheater!) then things started coming to me!

I realized there are many "V" words I could come up with.

Firstly, when I say "Valuables" I am speaking of my family and testimony, etc. These are some of the most important things to me. I Value them more than anything!!! So I guess my foreVer Valentine goes along with this. TraVis!! I love my man! and YAY for him having a V in his name!

I can't belieVe I didn't come up with Vampires on my own. That one I saw in the dictionary. I'm kind of ashamed! After all the gushing and obsessing I haVe done about the Twilight series I mean, c'mon!!! I am anxiously awaiting the moVie release in NoVember. I miss my faVorite family of Vampires!!! I hope the moVie will do the book justice (somewhat) as I don't think it's possible to do it true, total justice. We shall see!!!

Some other "V"s: Villian (as in Heath Ledger as the Joker=awesome!), the 'Ville where I grew up, Vehicle (which I have been pronouncing wrong my whole life and now TraVis is fixing that!), Veneers (which TraV and I hope to get put on some of our teeth one day to giVe us nice smiles), Victoria's Secret, I think you get the point...I have lots of "V" ideas now, but this is good enough!


Anonymous said...

Just in case you haven't read this, here's the link.
It's written by Stephenie Meyer and it's "Twilight" but written from Edward's point of view.
It's kind of amazing.

Ashleigh said...

hey! In case you do get Veneers...come see nate..we'll give you a discount! ;-) ( but not for at least seven years..;-( School sucks!

Darcy and Adam said...
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