Monday, September 22, 2008

I was tagged by Darc...

so here it is!
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6 Unspectacular Quirks...

1. I think I may be a little OCD. Some examples: the dishes have to be loaded in the dishwasher a certain way. I have actually re-done it myself if someone else has done it in a way I don't like. When I am picking up in the girls bedroom, I count pieces to make sure things are all together in their sets, etc. Riley has an alphabet puzzles that I will actually put the pieces of away in alphabetical order. Travis caught me doing this yesterday and had a REAL GOOD LAUGH.

2. I feel socially awkward. I am kind of shy when it comes to introducing myself to others. I am self-conscious or something and it bothers me. I am not shy around people I already a lot of those people don't really realize it. But I can't just walk up to people and introduce myself or anything. I envy super-outgoing people and their personalities.

3. I want a Twilight shirt so bad! I see girls with different designs of shirts and I am always stopping at the Twilight booth in University Mall (and I HATE shopping, oddly enough)...JUST TO LOOK. I feel to guilt spending money on unnecessary things...which is sort of a

4. It's not that I never purchase things for myself...but if I do, it takes a lot of convincing and then I feel guilty. I think it's true of most moms...but I would rather use that money on my kids. Not even on spoiling them with unnecessaries...but I just think, "how many diapers/wipes/cans of formula/etc. could I have bought with that money?" Kids are expensive. (More expensive than birth control...ha ha....yes, it's SO worth it!)

5. Going back to school scares me. I think I mentioned this in a previous post...but I am kinda freaking out! Among other things that scare me: Spiders (well, most bugs/insects...but spiders and bees are the worst!), trying to figure out how to balance school work, family and my responsibilities at home. I think that scares me because in my head I am a perfectionist and I know I can't be perfect at it all... just look at my home...its sort of a mess. Which is weird since I can be OCD about stuff. I want it to be neat and perfectly organized...but we don't have enough space in an apartment...SOMEDAY, a house!! I look forward to that.

6. I am a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl...or sweats...I love to be comfortable. No dresses, heels, etc for me. No frills. Keep it simple. But this might be part of the reason I am not as outgoing and why I feel self-conscious. All around me I see super-stylist cute girls and it makes me crazy. But I'm real. I'm just me. So I can be happy about that. And I don't try to be something I am not. When it comes to style/makeup/and all the frills, I am proud to be low maintenance...don't be fooled, I DO have things I am high-maintenance (and anal)about and I can admit it!...It's just not about all the girly stuff.

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