Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I feel such relief!

I completed my alphablog! Now what??!? Just kidding. I am sure I will always have plenty of photos to post. And I think I can probably come up with enough to write about still too! Anyway, here are a few videos I promised in a previous post. I just want to say something about the 3rd video...Yes, we are in the bathroom. I was sitting on the floor while Riley was having some "potty time" but she was more interested in playing, obviously. Also, at one point in the video I ask, "What is it?" and she says something that I couldn't understand at the time but I now realize she was answering the question just right. "It's a story," she says...so anyway, have a good laugh. These videos of Riley are basically because there are things she says that I just love how she says them. And I don't ever want to forget her funny little voice!

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Gallant Family said...

Congrats on finishing your alphablog. What a good idea, but it would take some dedication.

Those videos were funny. I think Riley might have some camera shyness. She'd say stuff and then just stare at the camera when you would point it at her. Too funny.

At the rate Izzy is heading, she'll be walking before Jonas!