Wednesday, July 23, 2008

N is for...

New Mexico!

A couple weeks ago we traveled to New Mexico to visit my dad and some other family. We flew down on Saturday, Juky 19th stayed down there for a whole week. Dad flew all my siblings down as well as my grandparents and grandmother's sister for a little "reunion" I guess. So he rented this condo-type thing in a little town called Ruidoso. One big happy family all together. In attendance there was Dad, his wife Rachel, her two daughters Taryn and April, Grandma and Grandpa Odasso, Sister (Grandma's sister), Adrienne and her husband James, Brad, Maria, Alyce, and then our family of four. Can you say crazy?? We have never all been together like this. Adrienne and James didn't come out last year when dad flew all the rest of us siblings down because they have been living in England so it's a little harder for them to make it home to the states. Anyway, here are a few photos...I know I need to get back to blogging regularly!

Izzy having fun at the pool
Dad and Rachel with Isabelle
Riley with Aunt Maria
Riley on a mini carousel
Our sweet baby

Izzy gumming a breadstick...MmmmMMMmmmm!

Beautiful landscape...picture courtesy of Maria
The 5 Odasso Siblings from oldest to youngest: Adrienne, Brad, Jenna, Maria, Alyce. Why do I have to be the shortest? And the fat kid in the middle, too? I guess I am the only one who has had kids. Is that a good enough excuse?

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