Wednesday, July 9, 2008

K is for....

...kisses, kids, kitty cat, kindness, and in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

YAY! I am back (hopefully)...after some bloggers block. heehee. For days the only "K" words I could think of were kite and kangaroo and key and the kind of words that are the pictures on flash cards. (I don't have a toddler or anything, do I?? :-P ) I also thought of kisses...but how much can I say about kisses? And then I decided Travis and I needed a night out. Away from the kids and home and everything. So thanks to our Kind friend Crisitina for watching the girls for us! I told Trav we could do anything he wanted...and he wanted to see the new Indiana Jones movie. (I know, not-so-new anymore). But we like to wait until movies come to the cheap theaters because we only have to pay $3 a ticket ($2 on Tuesdays!) as opposed to the $7.50 we pay at the nice theater. WHAT A SAVINGS!!! And on the way home I said to Trav, finally something to blog about, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull...and he was like "WHAT?!" You were stuck on "K"??? And that's when he threw out the words kindness and kids. My mind just needed a break I guess. So here's hoping that I continue my alphablogging now, I guess. Anyway, the movie was action packed and enjoyable enough...but it took us almost an hour into the movie for Travis to look at me and go, "Yeah right" and I was like....THE WHOLE MOVIE HAS BEEN THAT WAY!!!! IT'S A MOVIE! haha. It is nice to get out with my handsome husband. I think it keeps us sane. I admit it, as hard as it is for me to leave my kids...I need it, too!!! I have tons of new-ish pics to here is my attempt to get a few up. And I will be trying to post a new video clip or two soon as come back soon!
Starting off this photospasm with sleep pics. We put a gate up at Riley's bedroom door (just at night, usually) so she won't wander the house...and one night she decided to fall asleep at it.

What a nut!
Then one day I told her it was nap time/quiet time and so I put the gate up so she knew it was time to stay in her room and give me a break. I walked by the door and noticed she had climbed into Izzy's walker and had her blanket on her head, eyes looking heavy with sleepiness...and not 2 minutes later, she was out. WOW. Can you say uncomfortable?!??

Nap time on the recliner. She was so exhausted we didn't even make it to normal nap time...this was early in the day. Funny story: I was watching TV at the time (old episodes of So You Think You Can Dance that we have on DVR to be exact) and it was an audition show and this guy who calls himself Dancing Derrick was auditioning to the song "I Like to Move It, Move It" which is in the movie Madagascar (which Riley likes to watch) and so she knows the song well. And when it came on, I tried to turn it down as quickly as I could because I figured she would recognize the music and wake up. Well, all of a sudden I hear, " to move it..........move it" and I look at Riley and she is dead OUT still, singing (saying) the song in her sleep. I WISH THERE HAD BEEN OTHER WITNESSES AS IT WAS HILARIOUS!!!! Where is life's rewind button, people?! If only....

And here is some lovely art work. And only a fraction of it. You can bet she was in time out for this one! Window sill art. Let us know if you want her talents in your home ;-) She LOVE LOVE LOVES to color. I let Travis clean up this mess as I get to clean up messes daily.

Isabelle with her favorite toy. The buttons are fun to press but hearing the letters of the alphabet in Sesame Street character's voices...ANNOYING!!!
Riley chilling out in her car seat.
Izzy watching some Little Einsteins.

And lastly, here is a kitty cat that I believe is a stray...but it likes to hang out in our yard and stuff. Riley is such an animal lover and is always asking for the "Keey cat"; it is adorable. This cat is afraid of us though, so we just watch him through the window, which is FINE by me. I am not the biggest animal lover.

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