Thursday, July 10, 2008

4th of July..

Here are a few photos from our 4th. We really didn't do much. Just spent time together as a family. And Travis went golfing...(of course).
We picked up a few of our own fireworks (little things) that were kind of dumb but we thought the kids would like. We were wrong. It was all tears. We set them off with our neighbors. Then once the kids were in bed, we played a game with them. My friend Jodi was in labor on the 4th and so Grammy Jane and Jodi's 3 kids were over at our house for a little while as well. Little Madison was born at 1:03 am on Saturday, July 5th. So there is a photo of her below.
Steph and Caden. He didn't like the fireworks...they were too loud! But at one point, he actually fell asleep while she was holding him!
Travis showing Riley a sparkler.

Isabelle crying about the older kids crying
Riley scared of the fireworks.

Fine one minute...
...and so sad the next :-( Baby Madison

Look at allllll that hair! I am so jealous. Isabelle could use some of that! haha.

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Amanda said...

Are Jodi and Grammy Jane from Emrickville by any chance? Do you know if she has a blog.