Thursday, July 17, 2008

M is for...

Mommy! (ME) and monkeys...
I am sure I could come up with More...but these were the first "M" things to come to My Mind. :-)

Anyway, we took the girls to Tautphaus Park Zoo in Idaho Falls. It's not a real big place or anything. And they are missing some major animals compared to a large zoo but they still had quite a few neat things. They had a lot of birds...of all kinds. Emus, penguins, pelicans, swans, ducks, kookaburra, macaw, parrots, storks, and the list could on and on. They also had some wallabies(kangaroo-type things), a tiger, a lion and lioness, a frog exhibit, different kinds of primates, something fox-like from the canine family, humongous turtles, a yak, donkeys, chickens, goats, llamas, camels, red pandas, sea otters, and camels. I'm sure I am missing some things but basically what I am saying is it is a decent little zoo. They have a zebra but it was not out or visible or something while we were in that area... :-( We hope to make it to the Pittsburgh Zoo while we are in Pennsylvania in a couple weeks. Riley will just love to see animals such as giraffes, bears, elephants, apes and much more. But the Idaho Falls Zoo was a good warm up for us. The farm animals were in kind of a petting zoo section of the park and Riley got to feed the goats. She thought it was so cool! I have to say my favorite thing was the Monkeys though! Man, were they entertaining! I could have looked at them all day long. I uploaded a video below of a couple monkeys. And pictures of plenty of other animals. Some are hard to see because of the glass or wire cages...but oh well :-P

Lion and lioness


These monkeys were really small but you can't tell from looking at a picture
alligator Black swan
kookaburra peacock
pelicans-they were so close I could have reached out and touched one
Riley checking out the ducks
stork, i think?

some sort of smallish cat
no clue what these are called
Riley feeding a goat
She must have thought it tickled because after each time she fed him a bite, she looked at us and giggle/smiled huge. It was so cute!

Riley was too busy looking at animals to smile or look at me
These monkeys were so entertaining to watch!!!


Amanda said...

Hey + zoos = really cute pictures. If you join the National Zoo in DC, you get free admission to zoos all over the country. Since you live 200+ miles away, a Zoogoer membership would only be $35/yr. You may never see the DC zoo...but hey, it makes the other zoos free. We use it at Hershey and Baltimore a lot.

Amanda said...

On second thought, check the reciprocating zoo list before you looks like the Pittsburgh Zoo and aquarium went off the list this year...bummer!