Thursday, July 10, 2008

L is for...

my LOVES, life, and laughter (to name a few!)

I love my life, my family and the fun times we have! And that is all I want to say about the letter "L". I have more photos that I didn't feel up to posting last night! YAY!

Mmmm, yummy blueberry waffle.
Isabelle wants anything and everything that Riley has, anything that is in her sight, and everything she shouldn't have, of course. `

I'm finally not using the baby bathtub anymore! She is stable sitting on her own in the big tub now! SO BIG!
Isabelle getting kisses from the neighbor boys. They like her; a lot!
Riley went to the dentist the first time this week. Just to get used to the idea and let him take a didn't go so well...This was before the dentist even tried to look. So yeah. No fun.

After the park the other day. Girls in their matching suits.
Riley climbed into the baby swing again...
She is warming up to the camera again these days, smiling for it (or trying to? some of her faces are pretty goofy).

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