Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tech retard

So I have been really distracted lately due to the fact that I have like, 15 weeks until I graduate and I have been obsessing over business start-up...

I have started another blog...although it is not available for all to see....YET. It is a massage blog. Now here is a question...I started the blog under my current email account, the one that this blog is currently linked to. But I opened an email address for my business and all massage related things and was wondering...can I change the email address of my new blog to my new email address for massage related stuff?? Does that even make sense? Help?!

Classes are going pretty well. I can hardly believe I have finals in starting in like, less than four weeks. Gotta love short, crammed-full-of-info 10 week quarters!
My last quarter begins August 3rd. WOW. Seriously...nuts. My final finals will end October 8th. And then graduation is October 16th!!!! So if I am absent from blogging...please know I am insanely busier than ever. Although maybe I won't be that busy...cuz I am pretty sure you need money to start a business and the only way I could afford that is to be working at my business before it's really a fully functioning business....AH!!!! I also need more hours in my days...I know, we all do :)

One of my very biggest needs at this point is an on-site massage chair. After 9 months of being in massage school they FINALLY taught us chair massage and I KNOW it has the potential to be a massive marketing tool. I want to get in with a business or two that allows me to come to them and give massages to employees. I know anyone who gets to sample my work for 20, 15, or even 10 minutes will want to book a full session...because chair massage is THAT good. And full body is even better! It is also a good way to ease people into massage who are nervous about it. So now I am saving up pennies for my $300 on-site chair. Trust me, it's worth it.

Anybody who has ever started up your own business, have any suggestions? I have considered taking out a small loan. I say small because it's not like I am opening some big elaborate thing. But I need a little to get me started...supplies and whatnot. I think it would be nice to have a desktop computer for business record keeping too...but I just don't know!! The saying 'You gotta have money to make money' never rang truer that it does right now. :P


Anonymous said...

yes you can change your e-mail in the settings tab-start up is always the hardest. I think its great if you save for start up and then buy things slowly- every business starts somewhere. It's nice not to have a loan over head of you. I'd try and get massage clients to come to your house- mention to all your friends taht you hve a flat rate and start saving...i bet spots will fill up quickly- especially if you mention you do christmas gift certificates- great for moms-find your target market and push that like crazy.

Anonymous said...

settings - customize-permissions- admin tab-you can change your e-mail and authors- hope that helps

Esther Noelle said...

Jenna we NEED to get together soon! Ok, this is kind of funny you posted about this because I mentioned to my family that you gave me a massage and my brother was like, "get that girl over here! we will pay her! just get her over here!" So you could have a bunch of people in one location to do at a time and we'd totally pay you right now! So you can start saving for your chair! :) Like you could bring your girls over and we could just take turns watching them... I'm serious! :) And you can count it towards your hours and make some cash! I'd love to sit down and talk business with you - my brother, the one who desperately wants a massage, is a business wiz and could help your website be much more easily found on search engines like google and stuff! Let's talk! When are you free??

Anonymous said...


I don't know if this is something you can do or not, but we had a ladies night thing at church and two girls who were just out of massage school came and did samples. They handed out cards and stuff and I ended up getting my mom a gift certificate from one of them. I know a bunch of other people booked stuff too.

Also, if you are doing them in the house, make sure you have an ambient area set up. I once went to one in Fla and the ladies kids were screaming in the background and she stopped to answer her phone! ahh. Totally runied it!

I can't believe you are so close to being done! Good luck with your last quarter!