Sunday, June 7, 2009

Weekend update...

not that there is much to post about, but it's a weekend and it's time for an update anyway. Yesterday was my fifth clinic shift. 5 out of I am about a quarter of the way through with clinic. Whoo hoo!!! After clinic I also had a house call to make...I have a massage client who wanted me to come to her home and give her and her fiance massages. So I gave seven massages yesterday in about 9 hours time. I was a little exhausted but it's nice to know that I am capable and my hands/body can last that long.

In other news, I found a preschool this week that Riley will go to in the fall. I am really, really excited....I cannot even tell you how much! I know she is ready and it will be really good for her. And for for me to get somewhat of a break...although I know I may miss her.

It is a three day a week program for two and a half hours a day. I took Riley to meet Miss Rebecca and tour the school on Thursday. Each month they study a new artist and composer. They also study geography, history, botany, and zoology. Kids also learn to recognize and write all their letters, the sounds they make, and then are taught to read! They also teach recognition of numbers 0-9 and writing them. Then they start in on simple math. They do art projects, and as long as the weather is nice they get outside playtime! It is a little pricey...but when it comes to your child getting a good head start in education and a love for learning...I feel it's worth it. If I don't see that growth and excitement from her, of course we can decide to pull her out. But I highly doubt that will happen. Miss Rebecca also uses music as much as she can in teaching the kids. Riley LOVES learning songs! On Wednesdays they have Kindermusic but even on the other days they use song to learn days of the week, months, continents, etc. YAY!!! SO looking forward to September! I know Riley will love it!

That's about it...I can't think of much else that is exciting...except for Grandma Barb visiting this week! She is moving Randee down here for college at BYU. So she will be here for 5 or 6 days. YAY!!! I know the girls will be so happy to see grandma. I have felt really lonely not having family around lately, almost like, what's the point of family if they aren't even around to share life with day to day. I know...depressing. So it will be good for the girls and us, too :) Grandpa Gary is flying in on the 19th for a few days as well so that will be another treat. Sorry for the lack of pictures...hopefully soon!


Jodi said...

That preschool sounds GREAT!!! I just can't believe Riley is old enough for prescool already. She will love it!!!

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a fantastic preschool! I hope it goes well!