Thursday, June 18, 2009

Grandma Barb visited

But somehow managed to stay out of pictures! Today is her birthday, so Happy Birthday, Barb! It was nice to see you and the girls love having you around to do fun crafty things with them! Sorry I didn't get a video of them singing to you. Things have been hectic. But I will have Travis call you tonight and maybe they will sing to you!
Anyway, Barb brought Randee down to start her college career at BYU and was in town for almost a week. She bought the girls adorable matching dresses and painted them some personalized hair barrettes. On Saturday I got home from my clinic shift to see both of them with their hair done very cute. Not something Travis would have done (Although he can manage a ponytail quite alright). Here are a slew of photos from the past week.

Time for a break. Daddy and Ri needed a nap


Darcy and Adam said...

SO cute! I love the dresses and flowers in the hair. Darling.

Jodi said...

Oh my gosh...Izzy is getting soooo big! Holy cow. I LOVE the first pic of Riley with her eyes closed and her big grin. Your girls are just so cute!