Monday, June 1, 2009

Update on what we have been up to lately...

I feel bad that my posts have become so infrequent...but so have MOST of the bloggers who I like to keep up with. Don't get me wrong, some of you update faithfully a good few times a week. Thank you for that!
So here is an attempt to update on the last couple weeks.

I had finals the week of May 18th and survived somehow, while also maintaining my 4.0

I believe I am the only one in the class with a 4.0 still, which I consider quite an accomplishment. There are a few who are right there behind me...with really, really high 3. somethings....but 4.0 is my goal. Three quarters down, two to go. The bad news, they just keep getting harder!

For Memorial Day we wanted to do something fun so Sunday night Travis and I talked about taking the girls to the zoo and not telling them where we were going. But then we thought...we can do that anytime, let's do something new. Our options were going to the Aquarium in Sandy or an activity at Thanksgiving Point. I sort of wanted to visit the Aquarium, knowing the girls would love it but that didn't sound as fun to the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point won. It's not that I didn't want to do there, I just wanted the aquarium a little more.
The Museum was really neat. They have a big screen that they show 3D movies on and they had 3 different movies to choose from...a dinosaur one that I figured would be too scary, an African safari one, and a Dolphins and Whales one. We got there just about 10 minutes before the Dolphins and Whales one was starting, so we chose that one. I think it was a little scary for the girls, the fact that with the 3D glasses on they were up close and personal with huge underwater animals, but they did REALLY well and didn't start to fall apart until the last 5 or 6 minutes. The rest of the museum was really cool too. I want to go back to Thanksgiving Point to walk through the gardens or take the girls to farm country. Hopefully soon! Monday afternoon/evening Travis cleaned out and organized the garage a lot more and now we can actually fit BOTH of our cars in there!! YAY!!! Our two car garage now fulfilling what it was built for :) One other thing Travis did here at the house that I am really grateful for is the shelf he built me for the laundry room. I love it! So he cut the wood, painted it, and hung now I have a shelf for all my laundry supplies with a rod below it to hang clothes as they come out of the dryer. I am SO happy about this :) Thanks baby!! I love you and you are the best.

Then because Monday was a holiday and I had no class, I had class Tuesday-FRIDAY night instead of Monday-Thursday. EW. I really dislike Friday evening classes because I get home just before 11 and then I need to wake up for Saturday Clinic at 5 am. And it's really hard for me to unwind after class each brain is just going and going so I laid in bed for what seemed like hours. And even after falling asleep...I would wake up every so often and check the clock because I am so paranoid of sleeping in and missing my clinic shift. That would be a nightmare considering it drops you a letter grade and then my 4.0 would be GONE! Even if you are late...but you work MOST of the shift, it doesn't matter, you still have to come in and make up an entire other 5.5 hour shift. So it's really important that my attendance is perfect there.

My classes this quarter are Shiatsu, Pathology II, Trigger Point Therapy (OUCH), Structural Bodywork I, and Professional Development I think it's gonna be a lot of work but hopefully a lot of fun...

Last night we went to John and Dana's. It is so nice to hang out there because of their backyard. My girls LOVE it! It's heaven, really. I tried getting some good pics of the Anderson granddaughters all here is what I was able to capture: Camryn!!
Hailee loves holding the little girls...such a big girl :)
All looking in different directions, but what do you expect? There were 3 people behind me trying to get them to smile. ha ha
Izzy is just about as big as Hailee. I am sure Hailee doesn't outweigh her by more than a few pounds...

This one is pretty cute...they all are, but I like this one best I think.
Riley relaxing in the grass.
Hailee and Izzy hanging out. SO CUTE!!!
Cam again

Action shot of Izzy kicking a ball.

One more thing I wanted to blog about is my wonderful "house husband". he he

He has been on his own a lot lately since he comes home and I go to class or I have my clinic shifts on Saturdays. He bathes the girls a lot of evenings which I really appreciate...although undoubtedly at some point during the week they end up messy enough that I still give them baths some afternoons.

Well I got home from clinic Saturday and Travis had vacuumed the entire house, picked up, washed, folded, and put away two loads of laundry with a third in the dryer and a fourth in the washer by the time I got home, cleaned the girls tub, and ran and unloaded the dishwasher. So amazing!! Thanks babe! I love you! Is anyone jealous of my wonderful husband?? You should be!!


Debbie said...

REally cute Jenna!

Rachel said...

How do you get such good quality videos? what program are you using and camera?