Monday, July 6, 2009

Mondays are for posting...

...and putting off all the things you had wanted to get done! I was going to start working out again today. I read an article a couple weeks ago that said you are more likely to stick with a workout/diet plan if you start it on a Monday...well, here is another Monday come and gone. Ok, I know Monday isn't over yet...but if I didn't work out early enough in the day, forget is a lost cause. And although I have procrastinated somewhat, I DID clean our shower, do a couple loads of laundry, and put dinner in the crock pot, so I guess it isn't a total loss....

Now for the posting!

On Thursday evening we left for Southeast Idaho. We spent the night at Aunt Dot and Uncle Rich's house in Shelley. Thanks again for sharing your home with us! The girls loved playing with the dogs and the puppies are absolutely adorable!!!

Then Friday morning we got up and made a few stops in Idaho Falls where Adam and Darcy were shopping for the day. After that we made an essential stop in Rexburg at Craigo's where we had lunch with a friend. Oh my gosh! I miss Craigo's!!! It was delicious!

Friday afternoon we finally made it to our destination: West Yellowstone, MT where Darcy and Adam are spending their second summer working for the Playmill Theater. I was able to see two of Adam's shows. And Travis and the girls joined me for one on Saturday, I went to Friday night's show of "The Secret Garden" by myself. Heavenly. Anyway, Riley did really well and I think maybe we have a budding dancer/singer/actor (no surprise there). Isabelle was still a bit young to appreciate it all. She sat really well for the pre-show entertainment...but not long into the show, she had had enough. Thank you to Darcy for keeping her in the box office with her!
Saturday morning we went into the park...and it was so full of tourists (shocking...busy on a holiday weekend! HA!) that we soon turned around and changed our minds. What a bummer. We went to a Bear and Wolf museum that was pretty awesome though and at least THERE, the girls were able to see some animals!

And now, for a plethora of pics!
One of the bears we saw, enjoying some frozen KoolAid

I couldn't help it, but looking at these wolves all I could think of was NEW MOON coming out this fall!!!!!!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these pics of Riley's face!

Family pic!! Awesome massive teddy bear. These pictures were taken Thursday night on our way... I thought for sure Isabelle would go to sleep. WRONG. She didn't go to sleep until probably 11 pm that night at Aunt Dot's house. And that was just the beginning of her horrible off schedule weekend!

Hiding under her blanket!
This is Riley pretending to be asleep! Sweet, funny girl!
This was Saturday in the car after we turned around to leave the park due to the high volume of traffic. Isabelle got in a 10 minute nap. That's it. That was her ONLY nap on Saturday. The rest of the day was absolute torture. For her and us.
Riley and Uncle Adam, whom she adores.

Adam is gonna be such a good dad! Can't wait for that baby in October! YAY for a new cousin!!! And for the first BOY cousin!

Apple juice break!


John said...

No pics of Darcy?

Latissa and Scott Graham said...

Those pics are so cute Jenna! Too bad you couldn't stay at the park! I have always wanted to go to Yellowstone!