Sunday, February 1, 2009

Where did the time go??

Is January really over already? Whew. This month seems like a whirlwind. It started out in Vegas with Brad and Kim's wedding...and that was the last post I did with pictures. Crazy! And I know of a couple grandmas who are dying for current pictures of the kiddies...but all I have to say is....You ladies are at home with NO little ones to keep you busy...why aren't you posting more?? I will post when it is convenient. Remember how I am in school right now on top of all my other responibilities? I am literally exhausted. Some days I think I cannot get any more tired and then the next day...I am. I am poor with time management, I suppose.

Here is an update of what has been going on...
-Riley is finally potty trained. She hasn't had an accident since Wednesday. She even tells us when she has to go when we are out and about and will actually use big potties with mom's help. Still, the clean up of potty chairs sometimes actually makes me think that diapers were easier. But now we are saving money because she is out of them! Can I get an "amen!"?
-Isabelle has a growing vocabulary and it is so fun to teach her new words. Although we are probably the only people who understand her.
-Riley just keeps getting sassier, smarter, prettier, and more difficult. Those of you with daughters know how that goes!
-Travis was busy, busy, busy with work in January...and it has been hard. He would work up until the very minute I needed him home so I could leave for sucks. I have to keep reminding myself that school is only for a year. Slightly less than 9 months to go now...
-At the beginning of the month we had stake conference and our Stake President asked us to read all the addresses from October's General Conference. Travis and I have begun to do so and man, it makes me think of how much I have to work on but also gives me a lot of hope!
-Mostly, I cannot believe how much this month just flew by. I hope the next few months do the same... And please excuse me if I don't post as much as what I used to. School will only get more challenging, I am sure....and it is kicking my butt right now anyway. MY ANATOMY CLASS IS HARD!!! It's pretty in-depth and a lot of memorizing crazy big words. Sounds fun, right??

And now, here is my attempt at playing picture catch-up.

First off: Love sac sleep pics

On this particular day I put Isabelle in her crib for nap time and she just cried and cried. This is not I took her out of her crib, set her on the love sac thinking she would want to play a little longer before her nap, and within a couple minutes, she was out!

Travis sleeps with his arms behind his head like this.
Sleeping beauty :) I take advantage of the photo opportunities when Riley naps...because she is napping rarely these days. She thinks she is too big for naps. She might take naps once or twice a week if I am lucky.
We recently bought a small table and chair set for the girls to sit at. The only problem is that Riley can move it all around the house and loves to drag the chairs around...but one day she decided that she wanted the table for something...and so I go in her room and find her like this:
Apparently the table seemed a perfectly good piece of furniture to lounge on while watching Care Bears. She pushed/dragged this from the dining room to her bedroom to get up close and personal with the tv...
(In this picture you can also sort of see her new bed...thank goodness for IKEA. The girls room is almost all IKEA (Riley's bed, the dresser, the white toy bench, and that table, too).

Where are all the toys?
Well Riley decided to give them to Isabelle who had just gotten up from her nap.

I guess she figured sitting in the crib with no toys was way too boring...
Another thing I caught Riley doing is hanging out in the toy bench once she has it emptied...

For my last bunch today...I want to show you the sweetest, cutest one year old in the world...enjoy her adorableness.



Esther Noelle said...

OH wow these pictures are all so cute! So glad Riley's potty trained! Woo hoo!!!

Darcy and Adam said...

Cuuuuute! I miss the girls sooo much. Can't wait to see you guys in April!

Fairbanks Family said...

Travis and Jenna - it's Sarah Packard. I just ran into your blog and wanted to say hi. Your little girls are SO cute and grwoing so fast. Much bigger than the last time I saw you guys - I think you were still pregnant with your second. I see Darcy all the time and found your blog through her and just thought I'd say hi. Hope you're doing well. Check out our blog at Talk to you later! P.S. I too am a HUGE IKEA fan!

Fairbanks Family said...

Having a boy has been totally different and so amazing! They're way easier than girls, way less emotion and they just kind of go with the flow. Plus he's just so happy all the time. But I still love my girls too! How funny that you know Liz Robertson. Her husband is a really good friend of my husband's. They grew up together in CAlifornia and we see them everytime we go back. She's in my in-law's ward. How funny we have that connection. Thanks for saying hi!

Anonymous said...

You have cute girls!! Wow time flies!! I didn't realize how old your first girl was!! I have a blogsite to.
Do you mind if I add you on my page??

Jodi said...

I love Izzy's pink and black outfit. Also, Riley is looking so grown up. She looks so old in the pic with her in the toy chest and her hair around her face, smiling! She is beautiful!