Friday, February 20, 2009

The story of an IUD...

Not just any Mirena IUD.


So...a lot has been going on lately. And some of those things made me think I needed to go see my gynecologist. I had never seen one here in Utah, so I looked for one, and made an appointment and went for my yearly exam, etc. You know ladies, all that fun stuff they do. I had some concerns about some abnormal stuff going on...and thought it may be IUD related.

I got a sitter for my girls...Thanks, Latissa!

So partly, the appointment was to make sure that IUD was in there, in place and there would be NO BABIES for us anytime in the next couple years. It has been in place since January of last year, so .... so far, so good. I was in place doing it's job, right??

Not so much...the doctor couldn't see it, feel it, anything. So he asked me to go make an appointment at the front desk to see the ultrasound technician. They scheduled me for....FRIDAY MARCH 6....Yes, 2 whole weeks away. Crap. The not knowing...

I got home and called the office and said, I need in sooner. Call me if there is a cancellation. But the kind receptionist told me I could come in the next morning (today, Friday, Feb 20th) and she would just sneak me in between two patients. NICE! I figured I could safely bring my kids would just be a quick big deal! WRONG!!! The tech couldn't find she decided to do an internal, or vaginal ultrasound. Well, considering she isn't a doctor, I guess she can't insert the thing. So yes, I got to...with Riley standing "down there" trying to see what I was doing. Do you understand why that might be sort of a big deal/bad idea??? Still, after pictures and different angles, there was no IUD.
Need some birth control asap!!! Thankfully the office gave me one month free sample. The doctor who was in today...and NOT my gynecologist I saw yesterday wanted me to take a pregnancy test. Crap. Ok, I took was negative. Relief. I had left the house this morning without my cell I call Travis at work, using the dr.s office phone. I asked him to come meet me at the hospital...because the doctor was sending me there for an x-ray to find the darn thing. And I can't take the girls into radiology with me.

The nice X-ray boy took the picture and plain as day, there was my IUD...bent unnaturally and sitting somewhere in the pelvic cavity...but NOT in my uterus. He was nice enough to show me and not make me wait. Yes, IUD perforated through and decided to live elsewhere. How does that sound?? I have been terrified at the thought of having this thing removed since the second it was inserted because of how painful it was. Now, the problem isn't just taking the darn thing's having to have surgery to get it out.



John said...

Did Barb hi-jack your blog? ;)

Rachel said...

wow....I have the same IUD....Good luck with the surgery!!

The Burrups said...

that is so crazy and scary jenna! i am going in for a iud check up in a couple weeks and now i am scared that is going to happen to me. that sucks that you have to have surgery! hope everything goes well with that. miss you guys!

Jon & Emily Lindblom said...
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Esther Noelle said...

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!! Jenna!!! Are you ok?? I can't believe that!! how scary!! Please let me know if there's anything I can do - watch kids, dinner, anything!

Karrie said...

Found you through a google search- I too have a lost (but found!) iud. My surgery is on April 15th. I went for my 6 week check after it was put in to make sure it was in place, and they couldn't find it. Had an ultrasound two weeks later, and it wasn't there. They assumed it fell out. It hurt like the dickens when she put it in, and I bled for a week straight. Got the Depo shot when I found out (that stuff is NOT good) and after three months of feeling like I was front seat on an emotional roller coaster from hell I decided to get the Essure done. That's when they found my IUD, when I went in for a contrast dye x-ray to verify Essure. Very inconvenient. I feel your pain- literally. Hope it turns out well for you- my doc says one incision in my belly button is all it should take. here's hoping to good estimates!