Friday, February 27, 2009

A Few February videos...

I figured this is the least I could do...because the grandmas may enjoy these.

I definitely need to explain the second and third afternoon I heard Isabelle just giggling as hard as she could. And I grabbed my camera, turned the corner, and discovered WHY. And Riley, in the first video realizes she has been caught and gets a little shy...Then I had her do it a few more times for the second video. I know I shouldn't have allowed her, but it was just water. Normally the girls go in time out for spitting. It has just been hard for me to capture some good laughs out of Isabelle. As for the first video, I just happened to catch Isabelle having a grand time on her little princess car. She was whizzing around going "Wheee" and I don't even know when or where she learned that, but it was cute!




Rachel said...

That is one cute laugh :)

Latissa and Scott Graham said...

Do it Riley, spit on your sister, again, again, ok now stop! Don't do it again! hahaha the torture we put our kids through...jk! I love Izzy's laugh! so adorable!

Randee said...

I like how in the second video you ask Riley to make her laugh and she just attacks Izzy's face haha