Friday, February 27, 2009


My surgery will be Monday morning... and my doctor said recovery time is about two weeks. But to be back to 100% and be able to start working out/being really active more like 4 weeks I guess. Bummer. I am pretty nervous...but I know things will go fine. I am mostly nervous about the pain and not being able to pick up my girls for a few days :( I will have an incision below my belly button and one on my right side. He anticipates those will be sufficient to do what he needs but if not, I will get a third incision on my left side. Luckily, I have the best dad in the world who is picking up and flying in TONIGHT and he will be here with the girls on Monday and to help me Tuesday during the day. He will leave Tuesday evening and then I just need to find a friend or two to come hang out and help me with the girls on Wednesday and Thursday. I am hoping to at least make it to some of the lecture portion of my classes next week also, because the following week is finals and I need to be there for reviews. Ugh. I anticipate that this will be incredibly rough considering the horror I have heard from others about recovering after anesthesia and being in pain. We shall see!


Jon & Emily Lindblom said...

Hey, I work in the recovery room at the hospital and we deal with stuff like this DAILY. You will be totally fine. NOTHING to worry about. And it really helps that they are doing it through a scope. Yes you will have cramping but nothing you cant handle. You have had 2 kids so this aint gonna be a thing. Just tell them to load you up with "Zofran"(anti-nausea miracle drug) so your not nausea's after. Dont sweat it honey!

John said...

Hope you recover well and feel better soon!

Johnny and Dana